Preliminary Analysis of the Data of the Sudden Disturbance of Lower Ionosphere at Yunnan Observatory
Du Changqing
1988, 0(2): 1-7.
Abstract PDF
The Periodic about Variation An 155-day of the Solar Flare Activity for the 21st Cycle
Zhang Qin
1988, 0(2): 8-13.
Abstract PDF
High Precision Scanning Revolving Stage of A Multi-Waveband Solar Spectrograph
Chen Qimang, Li Rufcng
1988, 0(2): 14-21.
Abstract PDF
Special-Purpose Camera Attached to A Multi-Waveband Solar Spectragraph
Chen Qimang, Li Rufcng
1988, 0(2): 22-28.
Abstract PDF
Computational Methods for the non-LTE Atmospheric Model
Han Zhanwen
1988, 0(2): 29-39.
Abstract PDF
Gravitational Field Equation of the Weyl Space-Time
Wang Jiancheng
1988, 0(2): 40-44.
Abstract PDF
Construction of Synchronous Observation System of Solar Radio Activity With High Time Resolution by Single Frequency Mode
Xie Ruixiang, Yang Kaiping, Li Weihua, Chen Guoqiang, Ma Yuan, Zhang Fan, Zhao Risheng
1988, 0(2): 45-53.
Abstract PDF
Development of the Software System for the Solar Radio Fast Synchronous Observations at Three Wavelengths
Xie Ruixiang, Yang Kaiping
1988, 0(2): 54-58.
Abstract PDF
The 21cm Wavelength Fast Recording and Time Synchronization System
Gong Yuanfang, Lu Songquan, Shang Qiongzhen, Zhou Jingtian, Hu Hanrning, Shi Shuobiao
1988, 0(2): 59-64.
Abstract PDF
Auto-IF Attenuator of Solar Radio Receivers
Yang Kaiping
1988, 0(2): 66-69.
Abstract PDF
Report on the Restoration and Test of A Solar Radio Telescope at 3659 MHz
Chen Guoqiang, Xie Ruixiang, Zhao Risheng
1988, 0(2): 70-75.
Abstract PDF
The Data Acquisition System for 25m Radio Telescope at Shanghai Observatory
Liang Shiguang, Ji Desheng
1988, 0(2): 76-79.
Abstract PDF
Output Formate of FITS Magnetic Tape of the No.l CCD System of the Yunnan Observatory
Meng Xinmin, Ye Binxun, Wang Chuanjin
1988, 0(2): 80-84.
Abstract PDF
On-line Methods of An AITOS-68OOO Microcomputer with A SR 6602 Plotter
Chen Jingying, Shi Shuobiao, Xia Zhiguo
1988, 0(2): 85-90.
Abstract PDF
On the Unsuitability of Sheng Kuo's Calendar As A Modern Civil Calendar
Chen ZhanYun
1988, 0(2): 91-96.
Abstract PDF

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