Relativistic Effects of the Orbital Radius of A Celestial Body Moving Circularly
Qin Yiping
1993, 0(1): 1-4.
Abstract PDF
Preliminary Exploration of the Mathematical Method for Fitting Line Profiles
Li Kejun, Bai Jinming, Xiang Fuyuan
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Abstract PDF
A Fast Data Acquisition System and the Programming for the Meter-Wave Dynamic Spectrometer
Chen Jingying, Zheng Xiangmin, Xia Zhiguo
1993, 0(1): 10-19.
Abstract PDF
Determination of the Time Resolution of the Digital Acousto-Optical Spectrometer
Zheng Xiangmin, Chen Jingying, Xia Zhiguo
1993, 0(1): 20-24.
Abstract PDF
Investigation of Radio Spectrographs for the Yunnan Observatory
Du Hong, Su Bumei
1993, 0(1): 25-32.
Abstract PDF
Models and Statistical Characteristics of Images
Zeng Wenqing, Yang Weimin, Zhang Bairong
1993, 0(1): 33-38.
Abstract PDF
Characteristics of the Noise of the On-Chip Amplifier Within A CCD for Astronomy and the Depression Methods
Wu Junqin
1993, 0(1): 39-50.
Abstract PDF
Preliminary Approach to the Astronomy of the Achang Nationality
Li Weibao
1993, 0(1): 51-56.
Abstract PDF
The Fourth Component of the Solar Radio Radiation-the Rapidly Varing Component
Ji Shuchen
1993, 0(1): 57-60.
Abstract PDF

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