The Absolute K Magnitude and the Distance of OH/IR Stars
Xiong Guanzhu, Chen Peisheng
1995, 0(3): 1-8.
Abstract PDF
Mass Distribution Around the Black Holes at the Centers of BL Lac Objects
Fan Junhui
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Abstract PDF
Analysis of Two Impacts of 1993e with Jupiter
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Abstract PDF
The Coronal Holes and Geomagnetic Indices within the 22nd Solar Cycle Period
Li Qiusha, ZhangBairong
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Abstract PDF
The Spray-Like Eruptive Prominence and Its Velocity Distribution on March 5,1991
Zhong Shuhua
1995, 0(3): 30-36.
Abstract PDF
Some Discussions on the High Precision Measurement Method by Using Quantization Device
Rong Weixin, Guan Zimei, Zhang Bairong
1995, 0(3): 37-41.
Abstract PDF
On the Problem of Curvature Correction in Case of Low Latitude Meridian Circle (LLMC) with an Attached CCD
Jiang Hu
1995, 0(3): 42-54.
Abstract PDF
Improvement of the Visual Tracking Theodolite for Satellites
Zhang Yuncheng, Yang Wanjiang, Wang Jinsuo
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Abstract PDF
Approaching to Internet
Ji Kaifan, Song Qian, Cao Wenda
1995, 0(3): 62-65.
Abstract PDF
A Method of Reading Images from Image Digitizer with High Speed
Wang Feng
1995, 0(3): 66-72.
Abstract PDF

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