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Abstract PDF
The Observation Properties of Radio-Selected BL Lac Objects(RBLs)
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Abstract PDF
Effect of Large Sunspot Group on Solar Total Irradiance
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Abstract PDF
Discrimination for the Real and False Signals on Solar Radio Fast Activity
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Abstract PDF
A Great Radio Burst With Abundant Fast Fine-Structures
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Abstract PDF
The Maintenance of the Orientation of IERS Celestial Reference Frames from 1988 to 1995
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Abstract PDF
The Improvement of Determination of the Instantaneous Azimuth Error of Lower Latitude Meridian Circle(LLMC)
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Abstract PDF
Visible Area and Coverane Region at the Nanshan Station for the Landsat-5 Natural Resources Satellites
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Abstract PDF
The Comparison of Two Sets of Three Aperture DIMM and Its Result Analysis
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Abstract PDF
The One-dimention Centering Algorithms of CCD Image
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Abstract PDF
Analysis of the Relationship Between the Recent Major Earthquake in Yunnan and the Position f Celestial Objects
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Abstract PDF
The Software for Data Acquisition and Control of Photon-count Type Photoelectric Photometry System
Gu Shenghong
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Abstract PDF

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