A Constant Used in Seeing Measurement
Wu Guangjie
1997, 0(2): 1-5.
Abstract PDF
Study of a Great Microwave Burst on December 16,1988
Chen Xiaojuan, Ji Shuchen
1997, 0(2): 6-13.
Abstract PDF
Long-Period Pulsations at Short Dm Wavelength
Wang Min, Xie Ruixiang
1997, 0(2): 14-20.
Abstract PDF
The Observations of p -Modes/s-Modes conversion in the Magnetic Field and Absorption of p-Mode by the Sunspot
Zhang Heng, Cao Ying, Kong Yongjing
1997, 0(2): 21-39.
Abstract PDF
Evolutionary Regularity of the Coronal Hole
Duan Changchun, Luo Baorong, Cao Ying, Hou Shuming
1997, 0(2): 40-47.
Abstract PDF
The Geomagnetical Effect of the Coronal Holes
Luo Baorong, Duan Changhun
1997, 0(2): 48-54.
Abstract PDF
Analyses on the Transfer Changes Between the Atmospheric Excitation and the Polar Motion
Gu Zhennian, Wang Guangli
1997, 0(2): 55-60.
Abstract PDF
Analyses On the Variation of the Earth's Rotation Rate Induced by the Earthquake
Gu Zhennian
1997, 0(2): 61-67.
Abstract PDF
The Data Conversion System for Solar Radio Meterwave Spectral Observations of the 22nd Solar Cycle
Chen Jingying, Xia Zhiguo
1997, 0(2): 68-74.
Abstract PDF
WinView Software and in Application to Image Processing
Cao Wenda, Huan Zunxiang, Ji Kaifan, Song Qian
1997, 0(2): 75-80.
Abstract PDF
Development of the Output Monitor With Single-Chip Microcomputer in a Time-Keeping System
Zhou Jiguang, Gong Yuanfang
1997, 0(2): 81-86.
Abstract PDF
The Rotation Measurement of 12 Late-Type Binaries
Pan Kaike, Tan Huisong
1997, 0(2): 86-90.
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