Reconnecting and Evaporating Flare Model Observed in the Flare of AR7186 of 1992 June 4
1999, 0(4): 1-18.
Abstract PDF
Comparison Between Analytic and Numerical Solutions of State Transition Matrices of Two Body Problem
JIANG Hu, HUANG Cheng, HU Xiao-gong
1999, 0(4): 19-29.
Abstract PDF
DTM94 Atmosphere Model and Its Application
1999, 0(4): 30-37.
Abstract PDF
Data Reduction of Satellite Photoelectric Track
WANG Qiong-zhen, MIAO Yuan-xing
1999, 0(4): 38-42.
Abstract PDF
The Building of the Theodolite Observation Work Flat
DENG You-jun, CHENG Ling-qiang
1999, 0(4): 43-47.
Abstract PDF
Detecting the Static Systematic Errors of Satellite Theodolites in Seven Astronomical Observations of Stations
LIN Qin-chang, DENG You-jun, CHEN Ling-qiang
1999, 0(4): 48-52.
Abstract PDF
Calculation of Spectral Fluxes for the Solar Spectrograph of Yunnan Observatory
CAO Wen-da, JI Kai-fan, SONG Qian
1999, 0(4): 54-59.
Abstract PDF
Silicon CCD Optimized for NIR Wavelengths
SONG Qian, JI Kai-fan, CAO Wen-da
1999, 0(4): 60-66.
Abstract PDF
An Analysis of the Causes of the Difference Between Dai Calendar and Lunar Calendar
LI Wei-bao, LI Hai-ying
1999, 0(4): 67-73.
Abstract PDF

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