Perturbation Effect of the Electronic Induction Drag on the Orbital Elements of a Charged Satellite Moving in an Ionosphere
LI Lin-sen
2002, 0(1): 1-7.
Abstract PDF
Solar Radio Meter Burst and Coronal Mass Ejections
MA Yuan, LUO Bao-rong, ZHENG Xiang-ming
2002, 0(1): 8-13.
Abstract PDF
The Importance of the Exposure-time and its Measurement in the Image Motion Method to Measure the Seeing Parameter
ZHOU Dan, JIN Zhen-yu, LU Ru-wei, LOU Ke
2002, 0(1): 14-20.
Abstract PDF
A Proposal for the Muti-mode Instrument YFOSC Attached to the 2m Telescope at the Gaomeigu Station
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2002, 0(1): 21-28.
Abstract PDF
A Peltier Dewar
QIN Wei, LOU Ke, CHEN Lin-fei, XU Jun
2002, 0(1): 29-34.
Abstract PDF
Temperature Autocontrol System for the Coudé room of the 1.2m Telescope
ZHANG Jian-hua
2002, 0(1): 35-37.
Abstract PDF
The Factors Influencing the Seeing Measurement by the DIMM
TAN Hui-song, CEN Xue-fen, QIAN Tong-lin
2002, 0(1): 38-46.
Abstract PDF
The Recent Progress in Astroseismology Study in Yunnan
LUO Bao-rong
2002, 0(1): 47-54.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of the Motion of the Kunming GPS Station Relative to the Eurasian Plate
JIN Shuang-gen, ZHU Wen-yao, MIAO Yuan-xing
2002, 0(1): 55-60.
Abstract PDF
The Variability and Multi-band Spectral Energy Properties of Blazars
DAI Ben-zhong
2002, 0(1): 61-62.
Abstract PDF
Study on Astro-tidal-triggering Characteristics of Earthquakes in China and Its Neighbor Area—Mechanical Modal of Additional Tidal Stress Effect on Seismic Faults and Its Application
WU Xiao-ping
2002, 0(1): 63-64.
Abstract PDF
Study of Solar Observational Techniques and Methods in the Infrared
CAO Wen-da
2002, 0(1): 64-66.
Abstract PDF
Base Spatial Pattern(BSP)of Double-strand DNA Segment——a Possible Coding Method of Genomic Regulatory Regions
LI Xu-qing
2002, 0(1): 66-67.
Abstract PDF
High Rate Data Transmission System for Space Solar Telescope
GENG Li-hong
2002, 0(1): 68-69.
Abstract PDF
The Observational Study of Activations and Eruptions of Solar Filament
JIANG Yun-chun
2002, 0(1): 69-71.
Abstract PDF
Structure and Evolution of Rotating Stars
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2002, 0(1): 71-73.
Abstract PDF
Research on a New Technical Method for the Lunar Laser Ranging
XIONG Yao-heng
2002, 0(1): 73-74.
Abstract PDF
The Study of Solar Radio Fine Structure at High Time-and Frequency-resolution
2002, 0(1): 75-76.
Abstract PDF
Evolution and Pulsation of Long Period Variables
GUO Jian-heng
2002, 0(1): 76-77.
Abstract PDF
Blue Loops of Intermediate Mass Stars and CNO Bicycle
XU Hua-yin
2002, 0(1): 78-79.
Abstract PDF
Hydrodynamic Evolution of GRB Afterglow and the Study of the Light Curves
MAO Ji-rong
2002, 0(1): 80-80.
Abstract PDF

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