Global Magnetic Extrapolation Based on the Synoptic Map of MDI/SOHO
LIU Yu, ZHANG Hong-qi
2002, 0(4): 1-9.
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A Spectacular Coronal Mass Ejection Event and Associated Phenomena
MA Yuan, LI Chun-sheng, SONG Qian
2002, 0(4): 10-18.
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The Statistics and Analysis for Fast Radio Fine Structures Observed with the 0.7-1.5 GHz Spectrograph in Yunnan Observatory
DUAN Chang-chun, WANG Min, XU Chun, XIE Rui-xiang
2002, 0(4): 19-28.
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The Selection of Initial Information in Iterative Shift-and-AddTechnique for Astronomical Image Reconstruction
QIU Yao-hui, LIU Zhong, LU Ru-wei, LOU ke
2002, 0(4): 29-36.
Abstract PDF
Two Subroutines Used in Processing of Arrayed Data Files
WU Guang-jie
2002, 0(4): 37-44.
Abstract PDF
The Seeing at Gaomeigu in 2000 and 2001
CEN Xue-fen, QIAN Tong-ling, WANG Jian-cheng, WANG Cong-yun
2002, 0(4): 45-50.
Abstract PDF
Dome Seeing and Proposal for Enclosures of Telescopes at Gaomeigu
TAN Hui-song, QIAN Tong-ling, CEN Xue-feng
2002, 0(4): 51-59.
Abstract PDF
Site Test for Infrared Solar Tower in Yunnan
LOU Ke, LIU Zhong, WU Ming-chan, LU Ru-wei, QIAN Pin, ZHANG Rui-long
2002, 0(4): 60-67.
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