The Observational Constraints to the Multiphase, Three-Zone Chemical Evolution Model for Galaxies
SONG Han feng, WU Hai bin, ZHANG Bo
2003, 0(3): 1-15.
Abstract PDF
Statistics and Analysis on the Relation Between Microwave Type Ⅲ Bursts and CME Events
MA Yuan, LIU Yu yin, YAN Yi hua, FU Qi jun
2003, 0(3): 16-21.
Abstract PDF
Development of the Processing Technique for Schmidt Plate
JIN Wen jing, TANG Zheng hong, WANG Shu he
2003, 0(3): 22-35.
Abstract PDF
Impact of Solar Radio Flux on Ionospheric Phase Delay in GPS/LEO Occultation Methodology
2003, 0(3): 36-41.
Abstract PDF
Geometric Calibration for a Small CCD Field of View
PENG Qing yu
2003, 0(3): 42-46.
Abstract PDF
Viewpoints in China on Millisecond (MS) Pulsar Timing
NI Guang ren, KE Xi zheng, YANG Ting gao, LI Xiao hui
2003, 0(3): 47-55.
Abstract PDF
Aberration Caused by the Errors of Alignment and Adjustment in Reflecting Telescope
TAN Hui song
2003, 0(3): 56-61.
Abstract PDF
The Detectors of Satellite Laser Ranging in Yunnan Observatory
HE Miao chan, ZHENG Xiang ming, JIANG Chong guo
2003, 0(3): 62-68.
Abstract PDF
The Trend Prediction for the First Active Period of Large Earthquakes in Yunnan During 21 Century
LUO Bao rong
2003, 0(3): 69-72.
Abstract PDF

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