The Influence of Solar Mass-Loss on a High Order Planetary Orbit
LI Lin-sen, YU Li-zhong, ZHENG Xue-tang
2003, 0(4): 1-7.
Abstract PDF
Discussion on the Optimal Duration of Solar Spectral Observation at the Phoenix Mountain of Yunnan Observatory
ZHONG Shu-hua, WANG Qiong-zhen
2003, 0(4): 8-11.
Abstract PDF
Research on Data Reduction Module of High-speed FX Correlator
BU Zhao-hui
2003, 0(4): 12-18.
Abstract PDF
The Study of Digital Filtering on VLBI Data Acquisition
XIANG Ying, ZHANG Xiu-zhong
2003, 0(4): 19-27.
Abstract PDF
The Image Field Rotation of the Auto-Guide Unit of the Solar Telescope in Yunnan Observatory
LIU Guang-qian, LU Ru-wei
2003, 0(4): 28-33.
Abstract PDF
Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera for 1m Telescope
CEN Xue-fen, QIAN Tong-ling
2003, 0(4): 34-42.
Abstract PDF
Least-square Fit to the Edge of Jupiter and Saturn for its Precise Position
PENG Qing-yu
2003, 0(4): 43-48.
Abstract PDF
Relationship Between Lunisolar Effect and Strong Seismic Activity in Yunnan
HU Hui, ZHAO Hong-sheng, HE Hong-wei
2003, 0(4): 49-55.
Abstract PDF
The Theorems of Planetary Atmosphere and the Application to the Prediction of the Disaster
ZHANG Shi-jie, HAN Yan-ben, HU Hui
2003, 0(4): 56-61.
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