A Surface Fitting Technique for Determing the Stellar Effective Temperature
ZHANG Jian-nan, WU Fu-chao, LUO A-li, ZHAO Yong-heng
2004, 1(4): 249-258.
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The Study of Filament Eruption and its Relative Phenomena with in the Solar Active Region AR0442
CHEN Hua-dong, ZHAO Sh-i qing, LI Qiong-ying, JIANG Yun-chun
2004, 1(4): 259-267.
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An Arcade-like Eruptive Prominence
ZHONG Shu-hua, ZHAN La-sheng
2004, 1(4): 268-273.
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Perturbation Effect of Magnetic Inductive Drag on the Circular Orbital Elements of the Conductive Satellite
LI Lin-sen
2004, 1(4): 274-281.
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A New Method for the Measurement of the Atmospheric Refraction
MU Jun, MAO Wei, TIE Qiong-xian, YANG Lei
2004, 1(4): 282-288.
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Calculation on Asphericity of Off-axial Partial Annular Mirror
XIAO Cuang-hui, GUO Wei-yuan, LI Xin-nan
2004, 1(4): 289-299.
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The Ground Surface Around the Enclosure of the Telescope
FAN Yu-feng, CHEN Dong, LU Ru-wei, ZHU Gao-feng
2004, 1(4): 300-306.
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Exact Adjustment of Single Photon Avalanche Diode Detector for theYunnan Observatory Laser Ranging System
FU Hong-lin, ZHENG Xiang-ming, HE Miao-chan, ZHANG Yun-cheng, FENG He-sheng
2004, 1(4): 307-311.
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