A Simple Shock Model for the Light Curve of Gamma-ray Bursts
SU Cheng-yue, HAN Zheng-yu
2005, 2(1): 1-11.
Abstract PDF
Movement of an Arch-like Eruptive Prominence
ZHONG Shu-hua, ZHAN La-sheng
2005, 2(1): 12-18.
Abstract PDF
Definitions of Various Geometrical and Physical Axises for the Elastic Earth Rotation
ZHANG Han-wei, XU Hou-ze, WANG Ai-sheng
2005, 2(1): 19-27.
Abstract PDF
Effect of CCD Photometric Calibration on Precise Measurement of Stellar Images
PENG Qing-yu, TAN Pei-an
2005, 2(1): 28-33.
Abstract PDF
Implementation and Study of the Mark 5 System at Urumqi Astronomical Observatory
LIAO Ming-xue, LIU Xiang, ZHANG Jin
2005, 2(1): 34-43.
Abstract PDF
The Design of 1-wire Net Meteorological Observatory for 2.4m Telescope
ZHU Gao-feng, WEI Ka-ning, FAN Yu-feng, XU Jun, QIN Wei
2005, 2(1): 44-53.
Abstract PDF
The Property of Servo-control and Drive System for 1.2m Alt-Az Telescope——Mechanics Characteristics of Single and Multi-point Friction Drives(1)
LI Zhu-lian, XIONG Yao-heng
2005, 2(1): 54-59.
Abstract PDF
Unusual Phenomena in Photographic Observations of Meteor Shower
WU Guang-jie, ZHANG Zhou-sheng
2005, 2(1): 60-66.
Abstract PDF

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