The Element Abundances in Meta-l poor Stars and Nucleosynthetic Yield of SNe ???
MA Wen-juan, ZHOU Gui-de, ZHANG Bo
2007, 4(2): 95-101.
Abstract PDF
Long Term Variability and Color Index Variability of 6 Blazar Objects
HU Shao-ming, ZHANG Xiong
2007, 4(2): 102-107.
Abstract PDF
Active Galactic Nuclei and the Redshift
YOU Li-sha, ZHANG Xiong
2007, 4(2): 108-112.
Abstract PDF
Blazar Black Hole Masses
XIE Zhao-hua, CHEN Luo-en, HAO Jian-ming, DU Lei-ming, ZHANG Xiong
2007, 4(2): 113-120.
Abstract PDF
Research on the Proper Motion in CSO OQ208
WANG Bao-tian, ZHANG Hai-yan
2007, 4(2): 121-125.
Abstract PDF
Progress in Solar Magnetic Field Extrapolation
2007, 4(2): 126-134.
Abstract PDF
The Effects of the Variation of the Gravitational Constant on the Rotation of the Earth in the Post-Newtonian Theories
LI Lin-sen
2007, 4(2): 135-140.
Abstract PDF
Analysis on the Time-lag Correlation for the Changes of the Length of the Day and Geomagnetic Field
GAO Guo-ming, KANG Guo-fa, BAI Chun-hua, LI Wei
2007, 4(2): 141-146152.
Abstract PDF
The Tracking and Guiding Method for Full Solar Disk Vector Magnetograph Telescope
WU Chun-hui, ZHU Qing-sheng, ZHOU Xiao-jun
2007, 4(2): 147-152.
Abstract PDF
A Software Platform for High-Resolution Spectra Procession and Abundance Analysis
ZHAO Jing-kun, ZHAO Gang, CHEN Yu-qin
2007, 4(2): 153-158.
Abstract PDF
Star Chart Recognition Algorithm Based on Improved Hausdorff Distance
CHEN Yan-ping, WANG Guang-jun
2007, 4(2): 159-162.
Abstract PDF
The Comparison of the Position Errors Between Galileo System and Regional Augmentation Navigation System
WU Zhai-lian
2007, 4(2): 163-169.
Abstract PDF
Implementation of 1-bit Image Correlator on the Space Solar Telescope
JIANG Zhao, JIN Sheng-zhen, JIANG Ai-min
2007, 4(2): 170-175.
Abstract PDF
Predictive Control Algorithms for the 40m Antenna
ZHU Xing-ying, ZHANG Hong-bo, KONG De-qing
2007, 4(2): 176-180.
Abstract PDF
The Total Power Response to the Ground Radiation at 6cm Wavelength of the Urumqi 25m Radio Telescope at Nanshan Station
WANG Chen, HAN Jin-lin, SUN Xiao-hui, SHI Wei-bin, CHEN Mao-zheng, MA Jun
2007, 4(2): 181-187.
Abstract PDF
Pointing Calibration for the 40m Radio Telescope in Yunnan Observatory
GAO Guan-nan, WANG Min, SHI Shuo-biao, GAO Yi-fei, DONG Jiang, GONG Ling-ping
2007, 4(2): 188-194.
Abstract PDF
Possible Triggering of Solar Activities to Big Earthquakes (Ms≥8)in the Middle Latitude in China
SU Tong-wei, LI Ke-jun
2007, 4(2): 195-198.
Abstract PDF

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