IRAF Automatic Data Processing for the CCD Photometry of Blazars
ZHANG Hao-jing, ZHANG Xiong, ZHENG Yong-gang, TANG Ling
2008, 5(2): 99-106.
Abstract PDF
Research and Description about the Cycle of Solar Active by Mathematics
ZHAN La-sheng, YE Yi-lin, YUAN Wen-liang, ZHONG Shu-hua
2008, 5(2): 107-116.
Abstract PDF
Search and Location of FITS Data Files
CUI Chen-zhou, LI Wen, YU Ce, XU Zhen, ZHAO Yong-heng, YU Jian-jun
2008, 5(2): 117-124.
Abstract PDF
Resource Information Management in Chinese Virtual Observatory
LI Chang-hua, CUI Chen-zhou, LI Lian, ZHAO Yong-heng
2008, 5(2): 125-130.
Abstract PDF
Uniform Access to Astronomical Web Services and its Implementation in SkyMouse
SUN Hua-ping, CUI Chen-zhou, ZHAO Yong-heng
2008, 5(2): 131-137.
Abstract PDF
The Design and Development of Large-scale Catalogue Federation System(XMaS_VO)
GAO Dan, LU Yong, ZHANG Yan-xia, ZHAO Yong-heng
2008, 5(2): 138-146.
Abstract PDF
ntegrated Access of Distributed and Heterogeneous Astronomical Data Resources
LIU Chao, TIAN Hai-jun, GAO Dan, YANG Yang, LU Yong, CUI Chen-zhou, ZHAO Yong-heng
2008, 5(2): 147-157.
Abstract PDF
The Design of the Cube Corner Retro-Reflector Array on Chang E Lunar Exploration Satellite
HU Bing, XIONG Yao-heng
2008, 5(2): 158-162.
Abstract PDF
Timing Device Used in Kunming Satellite Laser Ranging Station
LI Zhu-lian, XIONG Yao-heng
2008, 5(2): 163-168.
Abstract PDF
The Materials of the Reflecting Mirror
LI De-pei
2008, 5(2): 169-178.
Abstract PDF
Support Technique of Giant Sector-shaped Segmented Mirror Telescope
SUN Shou-xiong, WANG Guo-min
2008, 5(2): 179-185.
Abstract PDF
Areal-time Spying Software for the Driving System in the 25m Radio Telescope
QIAN Lan-feng, AILI·Yusupu, ZHAO Rong-bing, YU Yun
2008, 5(2): 186-191.
Abstract PDF
The 40m Radio Telescope
ZHANG Hong-bo, MAO Pei-feng, WANG Min, ZHOU Jian-jun, ZHU Xin-ying, SHI Shuo-biao
2008, 5(2): 192-196.
Abstract PDF
The Research on the Ultra-light Mirror System
XU Jin-xin, GUO Wei-yuan
2008, 5(2): 197-204.
Abstract PDF
The Design and Realization of Radio Telescope Control Software in Linux Operating System
HU Yue, AILI·Yusupu, ZHAO Rong-bing
2008, 5(2): 205-211.
Abstract PDF
The Analysis of Effects of Optical Axis Errors on the Field of View in the Wide-field Birefringent Filter
TANG Xue-sheng, MAO Wei-jun
2008, 5(2): 212-218.
Abstract PDF
A Preliminary Study on Geological Structure and Seismological Activity in Fuxian Lake and Neighbouring Region
2008, 5(2): 219-222.
Abstract PDF
General Geological Situation of Yunnan Observatory Base for Solar Observation at Laoyingdi on the Shore of Lake Fuxian
ZHANG Zixiong, LOU Ke
2008, 5(2): 223-226.
Abstract PDF
A Model of the Calendar Development
LI Wei-bao, BAO Meng-xian
2008, 5(2): 227-232.
Abstract PDF

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