A Periodicity Analysis of the X-ray Flux Variations of the BL Lac Mrk 421
Bi Xiongwei, He Wanquan, Tian Jiajin, Cai Qun, Ding Zhimei, Zhang Qingyou
2013, 10(3): 207-213.
Abstract PDF
Observations of the Venus Transit across the Solar Hα Chromosphere in June 6, 2012
Zhao Shiqing, Li Qiongying, Feng Yongli, Ma Kaiquan, Lin Jun, Wu Mingchan
2013, 10(3): 214-218.
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A Method of Calculating the Quantization Threshold for a VLBI DBBC and Its FPGA Implementation
Zhang Bijuan, Wu Yajun, Yuwei, Zhang Xiuzhong
2013, 10(3): 219-226.
Abstract PDF
Performance Tests of a Monitoring-Management System of Actuators for the FAST
Sun Xiao, Wang Qiming, Wu Mingchang
2013, 10(3): 227-233.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of the Noise Temperature of an Antenna Array Receiver
Duan Yan, Wang Zhuang, Cheng Zhu
2013, 10(3): 234-241.
Abstract PDF
Simulations of a Low-Frequency Solar Radio Interferometry Array
Xu Yonghua, Wang Min, Hao Longfei, Li Zhixuan, Dong Liang, Dong Jiang, Guo Shaojie
2013, 10(3): 242-248.
Abstract PDF
Numerical Solutions and Evolutionary Trends of the Orbit and Rotation of a Synchronous Binary-Star System at the Orbital Circularization Time
Li Linsen
2013, 10(3): 249-254.
Abstract PDF
Simulations of Processing of Data of Brightness Temperature Map of the Lunar Surface with the Maximum Entropy Method
Xing Shuguo, Su Yan, Zhou Jianfeng, Liu Jianzhong
2013, 10(3): 255-263.
Abstract PDF
A Secondary Development of an RAO Management System Based on the Remote Telescope System-2nd Version
Li Jian, Cui Chenzhou, Zhao Yongheng, Cao Zihuang, Kubánek Petr
2013, 10(3): 264-272.
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A Fast Cross-Identification Algorithm for Searching Optical Transient Sources
Xu Yang, Wu Chao, Wan Meng, Zhao Jiuxin, Tian Haijun, Qiu Yulei, Wei Jianyan, Liu Yong
2013, 10(3): 273-282.
Abstract PDF
Notes on the CCD Flatfields of the YFOSC on the 2.4m Reflector of the Yunnan Observatory
Yao Baoan, Zhang Chunsheng
2013, 10(3): 283-287.
Abstract PDF
A Test of Commercial Scanners for Digitization of Astronomical Plates
Yu Yong, Zhao Jianhai, Tang Zhenghong, Liao Shilong
2013, 10(3): 288-292.
Abstract PDF
A Temperature Control System of an EMCCD Cold Finger
Yuan Youxi, Li Binhua, Cheng Xiangming, Jin Jianhui
2013, 10(3): 293-300.
Abstract PDF
An Automated Method of Selecting Galactic Stars with DIB Features from the SDSS
Zhang Bo, Pan Chuchu, Ye Chen, Tang Yijun
2013, 10(3): 301-307.
Abstract PDF
A Performance Evaluation of the Adaptive-optics System for the 1.8m Astronomical Telescope at the Lijiang Observational Station
Chen Jingyuan, He Cheng, Zhang Dingwen, He Furui, He Hanlong, Xiong Yaoheng
2013, 10(3): 308-320.
Abstract PDF
The Reason for the Changes of the Fenxing in the Ancient Chinese Fenye Theory
Zhou Liang, Li Yong
2013, 10(3): 321-328.
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