A Study of Characteristics and Origins of Stars of Ultra High Mg Abundances
Li Xiang, Zhao Gang, Chen Yuqin
2015, 12(2): 127-141.
Abstract PDF
Design of An Analog Receiver for Solar Radio Observation in the Frequency Range of 30MHz to 65MHz
Guo Shaojie, Wang Min, Dong Liang, Shi Shuobiao
2015, 12(2): 142-148.
Abstract PDF
An Application of a Fuzzy Controller in the Adjustment System of the Sub-Reflector of the 25m Radio Antenna of the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory
Hu Kaiyu, Aili Yusup, Tan Lingxia
2015, 12(2): 149-158.
Abstract PDF
A Study of Influences of Value Variations of Structural Parameters on Forces in Cables in the Net Structure of Cables of the FAST
Kong Xu, Jiang Peng, Wang Qiming
2015, 12(2): 159-165.
Abstract PDF
Design and Implementation of a Time Frequency System with Auto-Switching Clocks at a VLBI Station
Wang Lingling
2015, 12(2): 166-173.
Abstract PDF
A New Method for Detection and Correction of Single-Frequency Cycle Slips Using Data Extrapolation Based on the Method of Generalized Extended Interpolation
Geng Jianping, Yi Wei, Liu Cheng, Zhu Jialu
2015, 12(2): 174-182.
Abstract PDF
A Study of Influences of Defocus Aberrations on High-Resolution Image Reconstruction for Data from the New Vacuum Solar Telescope of the YNAO
Fang Yuliang, Jin Zhenyu, Liu Zhong, Dai Yichun, Huang Shanjie
2015, 12(2): 183-188.
Abstract PDF
A Study of Influences of Atmospheric Dispersion on the Multi-Waveband Synchronous High-Resolution Reconstruction Applied to Solar Images
Yao Huiling, Jin Zhenyu, Xiang Yongyuan
2015, 12(2): 189-195.
Abstract PDF
Design and Implementation of An Astronomical Command Line Interface System Based on the Python
Chen Meng, Wang Feng, Deng Hui, Ji Kaifan
2015, 12(2): 196-203.
Abstract PDF
A Study of 3D Visualization of Astronomical Data Based on the Blender
Qian Xuran, Zhu Ming, Cai Xu
2015, 12(2): 204-211.
Abstract PDF
A Study of the Method for Software-Development Management of the Herschel Science Ground Segment
Zhang Jie, Huang Maohai
2015, 12(2): 212-218.
Abstract PDF
A Study of Reflectance Characteristics in Regions of Several Lunar Magnetic Anomalies
Wang Xiaoqian, Cui Jun, Li Han, Fu Xiaohui, Liu Bin, Li Chunlai
2015, 12(2): 219-227.
Abstract PDF
A Review of Applications of Radar-Detection Techniques in Lunar Explorations
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Abstract PDF
A Study of a New Method of Thermostatic Control of an Atomic-Clock Room with High Precision and High Stability
Li Yinkang
2015, 12(2): 243-246.
Abstract PDF
On the Forecasts of the Lushan Earthquake in 2013
Hu Hui, Zeng Zuoxun, Su Youjin, Fu Hong, Wang Rui
2015, 12(2): 247-252.
Abstract PDF

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