Radio Quasi-period Oscillation Analysis of Blazar CGRaBS J0835+6835
Gong Yunlu, Yi Tingfeng, Yang Xing, Chang Xin, Li Yong
2021, 18(2): 145-152. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20200713.002
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Discussion on the Correlation between the Brightness Temperature of the Blazars and the Jet Energy of the Black Hole
Yan Peilin, Zhang Haojing, Ma Kaixuan, Lu Lin
2021, 18(2): 153-161. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20200722.003
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The Long-term Infrared Brightness and Color Variabilities of γ-ray-loud Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxies
Mao Lisheng
2021, 18(2): 162-172. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20200729.002
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Overview of Mars Orbiter Subsurface Investigation Radar Data Processing Technology and Research Using Radar
Hong Tiansheng, Su Yan, Wang Ruigang, Dai Shun, Liu Chendi, Li Chunlai
2021, 18(2): 173-194. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20200817.003
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Applications and Technology Research for Astrometrica and MaxIm DL in Astrometry
Guo Bifeng, Peng Qingyu, Lin Furong
2021, 18(2): 195-202. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20200701.001
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Research on Estimating the Rotation State of the Upper Stage of Falcon 9 Rocket by Using Lightcurve
Su Xiangze, Tang Rufeng, Li Rongwang, Li Yuqiang
2021, 18(2): 203-212. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20200722.002
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Seeing Estimation Accuracy Study Based on a Sequence of Speckle Images
Hu Gang, Xiang Yongyuan, Liu Zhong, Wang Xinhua
2021, 18(2): 213-225. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20200904.002
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The Implementation of the Antenna Gain Calibration Based on Python for SKA-RASCIL
Li Jing, Cao Zhong, Deng Hui, Wang Feng, Mei Ying, Dai Wei
2021, 18(2): 226-230. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20200924.001
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A Real-time Lucky Imaging Algorithm with Fixed Number of Selected Images
Wang Jinliang, Li Binhua
2021, 18(2): 231-239. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20200701.002
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Thermal Error Compensation Based on QTT Actuator
Li Yang, Ye Qian, Jin Huiliang
2021, 18(2): 240-247. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20200729.001
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Research Progress of Laboratory Astrophysics by Taking Advantage of Short Pulse Lasers
Sun Jianing, Yuan Dawei, Wang Feilu
2021, 18(2): 248-254. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20201013.001
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A Design Method of Small Astronomical Electric Focuser
He Shousheng, Ding Xu, Wang Chuanjun, Fan Yufeng, Yu Xiaoguang, Wang Deqing, Huang Yongping, Lun Baoli
2021, 18(2): 255-262. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20200817.002
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The Influence of GPS Data Processing Strategy on the Accuracy of Results and Reliability Analysis
Deng Biao, Guo Ruocheng, Li Xiaoming, Wang Jing, Deng Yuechuan
2021, 18(2): 263-271. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20200904.001
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The All-sky Information Acquisition System of Antarctic Zhongshan Station
Wang Yu, Xin Yuxin, Jiang Peng, Yang Yong, Lun Baoli, Wang Chuanjun, Yu Xiaoguang, Chang Liang, Fan Yufeng
2021, 18(2): 272-282. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20210219.001
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