Study on Optical Variability of Blazar PKS 1424-41 in Multiband
Zhang Shun, Yi Tingfeng, Pu Zhiyuan, Wang Na, Chen Zhihui, Chen Junping, Ma Li
2023, 20(4): 275-282. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230428.003
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Structure Preservation Design of 70-meter Antenna for the First Mars Exploration
Li Yan, Zhao Wulin, Li Datao
2023, 20(4): 283-289. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230324.001
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Noise Temperature Reduction Study of Filtering Metasurfaces in Radio Telescopes
Wang Luyi, Shi Hongyu, Dong Liang, Liu Haiwen
2023, 20(4): 290-295. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230428.001
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Research on Wind Flow Regulation Influenced by the Mountain Terrain at Large Aperture and High Precision Radio Telescope Site Based on Numerical Simulation
He Feilong, Xu Qian, Wang Na, Li Lin, Huang Shiyi
2023, 20(4): 296-309. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230318.001
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Application Research for and SCAMP in Astrometric Calibration
Liu Xing, Xu Dong, Liu Maoyuan
2023, 20(4): 310-322. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230512.004
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Preliminary Exploration of the Change of Geometric Distortion of the 2.4m Telescope at Yunnan Observatories
Chen Xiao, Guo Bifeng, Zheng Zhongjie, Peng Qingyu
2023, 20(4): 323-332. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230516.002
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A Study on Quantitative Assessment of Usability and Stability for deepCR Cosmic Ray Identification Methods in CSST Survey Data Processing
Lin Zhun, Huang Weirong, Wang Feng, Deng Hui, Mei Ying
2023, 20(4): 333-340. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230323.002
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Research on Fourier Demodulation Method Based on Continuous Rotating Waveplate Modulation
Lin Zheyu, Xu Zhi
2023, 20(4): 341-352. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230314.001
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Sunspot Data Collection and Experimental Validation for McIntosh Classification
Zhou Meilin, Zhong Libo
2023, 20(4): 353-368. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230320.002
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