A Prediction of the Maximum of Sunspot Number And Its Maximum Epoch in Cycle 22
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Abstract PDF
The Distribution of Sunspot Groups on Solar Disk in the Recent Three Cycles
Hong Qinfang
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Abstract PDF
Test on the Correction of Sunspot Projective Effects by Means of A PDS Photometer
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Abstract PDF
The Correction And the Measurement of the Stit df A Sdttr Spectrograph
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Abstract PDF
The Development of the High Time Resolution Data Acquisition System of Solar Radio Bursts at 10-cm Wavelength
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1984, 0(2): 28-36.
Abstract PDF
The Correction of Atmospheric Absorptron in the Radio Observations of Solar Eclipses at A Wavelength of 8.2cm ort Feb.16,1980
Ji Shuchen, Liu Lanxian
1984, 0(2): 37-41.
Abstract PDF
Test Report on An Acousto-Optical Radio Spectrograph
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Abstract PDF
Stellar Maser Sources
Chen Peisheng
1984, 0(2): 50-57.
Abstract PDF
A Far Infrared Photometer for Ground Based Astronomical Observations
Xie Guangzhong, C. Ceccarelli, L. Pietranera, G. Dall'oglio, G. Ferri, S. Radiord
1984, 0(2): 58-66.
Abstract PDF
Brief Introduction of the Radial Velocity Spectrometer
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1984, 0(2): 67-77.
Abstract PDF
On the Method of the Determination of the Correction to the Circle Divison
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Abstract PDF
The 1C Chronograph for A Photoelectric Astrolabe
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Abstract PDF
The Development of the Automatic Comparison Controller for Time Determination
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Abstract PDF
Determination of the Position of a Single Doppler Station
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1984, 0(2): 103-110.
Abstract PDF

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