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Abstract PDF
A Preliminary RePort on The Trial Observation of The No.l CCD System at Yunnan Observatory
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The Test Exploration to Comet Halley by Yunnan Observatory
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Determining the Absolute Parameters of the Meridian Circle by Observing the Prime Vertical(Ⅳ) Further Discussion of the Applicable Ranges of the Observing Method
Hu Xiaochun, Du Minghuei, Mao Wei
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Abstract PDF
The Observation of A Star by Making A 180-Degree Rotation of the Horizontal Axis of A Lower-Latitude Meridian Circle
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Abstract PDF
The Absolute Determination the Refraction Correction with A Lower-Latitude Meridian Circle
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Abstract PDF
Space Era's Comets(I)
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Radio Spectrogram Observations with the System of Photodiod Array and Microcomputer
Xia Zhiguo, Chen Jingying
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Abstract PDF
The Development of A Data Acquisition Equipments for High Time Resolution Observation of cm Wave Band Solar Radio
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The Measurement of the Antenna Gain on 3.2-cm Waveband Radio Telescope
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An Analysis of the Accuracy of Solar Radio Observations at 9375MHz,3653MHz and 2902MHz at Yunnan Observatory from 1981 November to 1982 December
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Abstract PDF
Is There Short Time-Scale Pulsation in e Aur?
Tan Huisong
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A New Automatic Camera Obturator
Feng Yongming
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An Analysis of the Control Circuit of the Continuous Counter of JSZ-4 Doppler Receiver
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A Photoelectric Photometer Attached to A 35-cm Telescope
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A Convenient and Practical Observation Instruction Input and Check Program
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Abstract PDF
A Design of Machine Drive of An Astrodome Having Simultaneous Turning and Translational Motion
Len Shengquan
1985, 0(1): 105-114.
Abstract PDF

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