The Grey And Fuzzy Forecast of The Maximum of Sunspot Number And Its Maximum Epoch in Cycle 22
Zhang Qin
1986, 0(2): 1-8.
Abstract PDF
The Qrigin of Solar Wind, ESP, SEP And Solar
Yu Chuanzan
1986, 0(2): 9-14.
Abstract PDF
The Computations And Analyses of The Physical Quantity Fields of The Flare Loops on Solar Disc
Yan Guoying
1986, 0(2): 15-28.
Abstract PDF
On Astronomical Refraction
Hu Xiaochun, Fau Yu
1986, 0(2): 29-38.
Abstract PDF
Spectral Type Effect in Astronomical Refraction
Fan Yu, Hu Xiaochun
1986, 0(2): 39-44.
Abstract PDF
The Simulation of Speckle Interference Technique in The Laboratory
Wang Yimirtg, Qiu Yaohuci, Lu Ruining, Li Kejian, Li Rufeng, Qian Ping
1986, 0(2): 45-50.
Abstract PDF
Propaedeutic Object of Speckle Interference Observation Used One-Meater Telescope of Yunnan Observatory
Wang Yiming, Li Rufeng, Lu Ruining, Qian Ping, Li Kejian, Qiu Yaohuei
1986, 0(2): 51-55.
Abstract PDF
The Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect in The Case of The 1-5μm Infrared Background
Xie Guangzhong, Zhang Yun, Lu Ruwei, Deng Liwu, Cheng Fuzhen
1986, 0(2): 56-59.
Abstract PDF
The Theoretic Basis of Astrometric Positioning Using Photographs with Small View-Field
Wu Guangjie
1986, 0(2): 60-66.
Abstract PDF
An Advance for The Method Measured Rotation
Tan Huisbng
1986, 0(2): 67-69.
Abstract PDF
Atmospheric Transparency And Sky Background Brightness at Yunnan Observatory And The Reduction Coefficients of Photometric System to 35cm Telescope
Zhang Yunlin, Zhang Zhousheng, Li Yulan
1986, 0(2): 70-74.
Abstract PDF
A Quick Method to Determine Extinction And Transformation Coefficients
Liu Qingyao, Zhang Zhousheng, Zhang Yunlin
1986, 0(2): 75-80.
Abstract PDF
An Estimate of Transformation Coefficients for The V Magnitude of No.1 CCD System at Yunnan Observatory
Zhang Yunliu, Liu Qingyao, Zhang Zhovisheng, Wu Guangjic
1986, 0(2): 81-83.
Abstract PDF
A Near Infrared Photometer With A Real-Time Data Acquisition System
Chen Peisheng, Kwan-Yu Chen
1986, 0(2): 84-94.
Abstract PDF
The Adjustment And Measurement of A Wideband Low-Noise Superheterodyne Receiver
Jiang Suyun
1986, 0(2): 95-99.
Abstract PDF
A Design of Drive Turn Up Glass-Fibre Astrodome
Leng Shengquan
1986, 0(2): 100-115.
Abstract PDF
Search into White Light Flare
Fang Cheng, Wang Jingxiu
1986, 0(2): 116-121.
Abstract PDF
On The Solar Forecasting Center of Meudon, Franch
Li Zhikai
1986, 0(2): 122-130.
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