Application of the Routine Overlay Method to the Retrofit Program of the Orbit of An Artificial Earth Satellite
Miao Yuanxing
1988, 0(1): 1-3.
Abstract PDF
On the Exploration of Strong Earthquake Prediction with Astrolabe Ⅱ in Yunnan Observatory
Hu Hui, Li Yongsheng, Wang Rui, Ma Tiangui, Chai Xin, Zhao Jim
1988, 0(1): 4-10.
Abstract PDF
Statistical Analysis and Configuration Classification of the Magnetic Fields of the Active Prominences on the Solar Limb During Cycle 21
Li Kejian, Li Qiongying, Li Zhi, Liao Kunzhen, Li Suchuan, Wu Sheng
1988, 0(1): 11-20.
Abstract PDF
A Method for Improving the Spacial Resolution of the Observation of Magnetic Fields in the Solar Active Region
Jing Xiaodu
1988, 0(1): 19-25.
Abstract PDF
Technical Transformation of the Horizontal Multi-Waveband Sofar Solar Spectragraph of the Yunnan Observatory
Li Rufeng
1988, 0(1): 26-33.
Abstract PDF
Performance Test of the Fast Scanning Photographic Device of A Multi-Waveband Solar Spectragraph
Ma Jiagu, Li Rufeng
1988, 0(1): 34-38.
Abstract PDF
Observation of Continuously Fast Recording of l0ms Solar Microwave Bursts at 21cm
Hu Hanming, Lu Songquan, Gong Yuanfang, Shi Shuobiao, Shang Qiongzhen
1988, 0(1): 39-44.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of the Morphology of Solar Microwave Bursts
Ma Yuan, Luo Xianhan
1988, 0(1): 45-52.
Abstract PDF
Multi-Frequency Radio Observations of the Solar Annular Eclipse of September 23,1987
Ji Shuchen
1988, 0(1): 53-57.
Abstract PDF
Accretion Effects in A Globular Cluster
Zhou Yuan, Xie Guangzhong, Li Kaihua
1988, 0(1): 58-65.
Abstract PDF
A Very Important Process of Nucleosynthesis in Stars
Yu Chuanzan
1988, 0(1): 66-71.
Abstract PDF
Effects of the Correction Accuracy of the CCD Flat Field on the CCD Photometric Accuracy
Liu Xinde, Zhang Yun, Lu Ruwei, Xie Guangzhong, Zhang Wenyuan
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Abstract PDF
S Type Star and Its Research in Infrared
Chen Peisheng, Gao Heng, Chen Yankang
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Abstract PDF
Confusion and Restoration of A Linear System-The Application of DFT to Astronomy(I)
Yang Weimin
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Abstract PDF
Harmonic Structures of Solar Microwave Radiation on May 19,1987
Ji Shuchen, Xie Ruixiang, Zhang Fan
1988, 0(1): 92-92.
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