The Design of Analysis and Realization Method of LLR and SLR Systems
Jiang Chongguo
1988, 0(3): 1-9.
Abstract PDF
Anslysis of the Accuracy Time Synchronitation by Means of Long Waves(BPL)
Chen Xiaojuan, Du Changqing
1988, 0(3): 10-15.
Abstract PDF
Correlation Between the Sunspot Areas and Total Flux of the Solar Radiation Measured at the Yunnan Observatory in 1980
Hong Qinfang, Chen Jimin, Huang Yinliang
1988, 0(3): 16-28.
Abstract PDF
A Method for Comprehensively Determining the Vector Magnetic Field of A Solar Active Region
Jing Xiaodu, Ding Youji
1988, 0(3): 29-40.
Abstract PDF
Physical Precusor of An Extraordinarily Large Flare of 1986 February 4
Luo Baorong, Hong Qinfang, Xia Zhiguo, Zheng Ruimin, Song Shumin
1988, 0(3): 41-48.
Abstract PDF
Hα Slit-Jaw Monitor System of the Solar Spectrograph of the Yunnan Observatory and Its Application
Xuan Jiayu, Li Ting, Yi Meiliang
1988, 0(3): 49-52.
Abstract PDF
The Control of IF Auto-attenuator of a Radio Receiver and the Restoration After the Event
Yang Kaiping, Ma Yuan
1988, 0(3): 53-58.
Abstract PDF
A Technique of Uninterrupted ms Sampling
Gong Yuanfang
1988, 0(3): 59-63.
Abstract PDF
Multiprogramming Operation and Data Preprocessing Softwares
Gong Yuanfang
1988, 0(3): 64-70.
Abstract PDF
Test Exploration of Active Galactic Nuclei
Xie Guangzhong, Hao Pengjiu, Li Zhili, Zhang Wenyuan
1988, 0(3): 71-75.
Abstract PDF
Applications of Model Stellar Atmospheres
Han Zhanwen
1988, 0(3): 76-87.
Abstract PDF
A Modern Design of Telescope Drives
Hua Jiajun
1988, 0(3): 88-96.
Abstract PDF
A Brief Analysis of the Distribution of the Papers and Achievements in Astronomy in China
Zhang Bairong
1988, 0(3): 97-101.
Abstract PDF

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