Principle of the Determination of the Free Librations of the Moon by Means of the LLR Method
Li Jinling, Nie Zhaoming, Jin Wenjing
1989, 0(4): 1-6.
Abstract PDF
Orbit Improvement of Near-Earth Satellites
Miao Yuanxing
1989, 0(4): 7-12.
Abstract PDF
Experiment of the Application of A CCD to the Solar Fine Structure Telescope
Li Zhi, Li Zhi, Yang Xiaoning
1989, 0(4): 13-17.
Abstract PDF
A Method for Improving the Observational Device of the Magnetic Field of A Sunspot at the Yunnan Observatory
Zhong Shuhua, Xuan Jiayu
1989, 0(4): 18-21.
Abstract PDF
Brief Introduction of the Time Synchronism Device of A Three-Band Solar Radio Fast Recording System
Xie Ruixiang, Yang Kaiping, Zhao Xi
1989, 0(4): 22-25.
Abstract PDF
Realization of the Scaling Automation for the Solar Radio Routine Observation
Yang Kaiping, Zhao Xi
1989, 0(4): 26-32.
Abstract PDF
An Approach to the Determination of the Order of the MEM Power Spectrum in the Non-Linear Process
Jia Guibin
1989, 0(4): 33-40.
Abstract PDF
The Infrared Background Radiation at Submillimeter Wavebands
Wu Jianxin, Xie Guangzhong
1989, 0(4): 41-46.
Abstract PDF
Programming for the Computer-Controlled 10-m Radio Telescope
Shi Shuobiao
1989, 0(4): 47-55.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of the Principle and the Damaged Components of the Imported Solar K-Filter at Yunnan Observatory
Li Kejian, Li Jingqian, Chang Zhimin
1989, 0(4): 56-61.
Abstract PDF
Site Selection for A VLBI Station at And Near the Yunnan Observatory
Li Weihua, Shi Shuobiao
1989, 0(4): 62-65.
Abstract PDF
Preliminary Report on the Site Survey Made on the Jiaozi Mountain
Li Xiaoming, Xie Guangzhong, Cheng Fuzhen, Zhou Yunfen
1989, 0(4): 66-73.
Abstract PDF
A Method for the Processing of A Foreign Magnetic Tape Volume Under the VAX/VMS Enviroment
Wang Wu
1989, 0(4): 74-77.
Abstract PDF
Simulation of Random Samples
Wu Guangjie, M. F. A'Hearn
1989, 0(4): 78-81.
Abstract PDF

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