The Zeldovich Effect of the Universe Reionized by VMOs Scattering off the 3K Background Radiation
Wu Jianxin, Xie Guangzhong
1991, 0(3): 1-5.
Abstract PDF
The Distribution of Stars in A Star Cluster with A Kerr Black Hole in Its Center
Fan Junhui, Xie Guangzhong, Tang Zhiming, Wang Yongjiu
1991, 0(3): 6-13.
Abstract PDF
Search for Periodicity in the Unequally-Spaced Data Sequence
Jia Guibin, Xing Shiying, Ma Huaiyu, Qin Xuefen, Leng Shengquan
1991, 0(3): 14-24.
Abstract PDF
The Comparision of Optical Character of the Fiber with the Optical Transmission of the Coude' Spectrograph
Qin Songnian, Gao Cai
1991, 0(3): 25-29.
Abstract PDF
Noises in Observing Stellar Spectra Using Solid-State Detectors and Method to Reduce Them
Qin Songnian, Li Rufeng, Gao Cai
1991, 0(3): 30-34.
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A CCD Detector Attached to the Lower Latitude Meridian Circle——(Ⅴ) Buildind Up a High Accurate Celestial SphereFrame Using Graound-Based Observations
Mao Wei, Peng Qingyu, Zhang Jing, Hu Xiaochun, Li Zhiming
1991, 0(3): 35-40.
Abstract PDF
Free-PLOT Graphics Software System
Wu Guangjie
1991, 0(3): 41-47.
Abstract PDF
Mutual Calling Bettween C and FORTRAN Program
Wu Junqin
1991, 0(3): 48-52.
Abstract PDF
The Thermal Control of the Millimeter Radio Telescope
Wu Wenda
1991, 0(3): 53-58.
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