Observation and Study of the Tornado-like Prominence on August 29,1990
Zhong Shuhua, Li Kejun
1994, 0(4): 1-6.
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Study of Some Problems on Achieving Curvature Corrections
Jiang Hu, Peng Qingyu
1994, 0(4): 7-18.
Abstract PDF
The New Method for Determining the Graduation-Error of the LLMC
Wang Xiaobin
1994, 0(4): 19-25.
Abstract PDF
A Discussion on the Maintenance of the Orientation of Radio Celestial Reference Frames
Li Jinling, Jin Wenjing, Li Jinzeng
1994, 0(4): 26-33.
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N-Cat Series Combined Extragalactic Radio Source Catalogues
Li Jinling, Jin Wenjing, Li Jinzeng
1994, 0(4): 34-41.
Abstract PDF
Partial Derivatives of Numerical Ephemerides with Respect to Parameters of the Dynamical System
Bai Jinming, Nie Zhaoming, Jin Wenjing
1994, 0(4): 42-48.
Abstract PDF
The Methods of the High Speed Saying for the Astronomical Image
Wang Feng
1994, 0(4): 49-56.
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