The Projected Number Density of Stars in A Galaxy With A Massive Black Hole at Its Center
Fan Junhui
1997, 0(4): 1-8.
Abstract PDF
Configuration of the Polytropic Model of Binary Star and Its Perturbation Influence on the Orbital Elements of the Synchronous Components in Close Binary System
Li Linsen
1997, 0(4): 9-17.
Abstract PDF
The Stability Analyses of Sunspot Numbers RY and RL
Li Weibao
1997, 0(4): 18-21.
Abstract PDF
Optical Positions and Proper Motions of 31 Radio Stars
Lu Peizhen, Xu Tongqi
1997, 0(4): 22-28.
Abstract PDF
The Plane Geometry Principle of The Diameter Corrections
Li Zhiming
1997, 0(4): 29-35.
Abstract PDF
Atmospheric Model Comparisons in thePrecisi on Orbit Determination of the Satelite Starlete
Jiang Hu
1997, 0(4): 36-41.
Abstract PDF
Data Pre-procesing in Astronomical Speckle Imaging
Liu Zhong, Qiu Yaohui, Lou Ke, Lu Ruwei
1997, 0(4): 42-48.
Abstract PDF
Transfer and Development of the PGPLOT
Wu Guangjie
1997, 0(4): 49-54.
Abstract PDF
AStudy on Next Generation of Astronomical CCD Controler
Chen Dong, Ye Binxun
1997, 0(4): 55-62.
Abstract PDF
PI 1024 CCD of Yunnan Observatory
Ji Kaifan, Song Qian, Cao Wenda
1997, 0(4): 63-67.
Abstract PDF
The Computer Network and Software System for 1Meter Telescope
Ji Kaifan, Song Qian, Cao Wenda
1997, 0(4): 68-72.
Abstract PDF
Some Infrared Focal Panel Arrays Applying in Near Infrared Solar Observation
Cao Wenda, Song Qian, Ji Kaifan
1997, 0(4): 73-80.
Abstract PDF
Programs of Administrating User Accounts on the VAX8350 Computer in Yunnan Observatory
Lou Enrui
1997, 0(4): 81-85.
Abstract PDF
The Development of the YTI—ATV Time Code Inserter
Zhou Jiguang, Gong Yuanfang
1997, 0(4): 86-90.
Abstract PDF
Optical Observation of the Partial Solar Eclipseat Kunmingon March 9,1997
Li Weibao, Li Qiongying, Dun Jinping, Zhao Shiqing
1997, 0(4): 91-96.
Abstract PDF
An Observational Program of the Outer Corona for the Total Solar Eclipseon March 9.1997 in Mohe
Li Qiusha, Zhang Bairong, Wang Feng
1997, 0(4): 97-101.
Abstract PDF

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