Core Collapse Supernovae
LI Zong-wei
2004, 1(3): 163-175.
Abstract PDF
The Pulsar Observation and Research with 50m Radio Telescope
KANG Lian-sheng
2004, 1(3): 176-187.
Abstract PDF
High-Resolution Image Reconstruction Technology Applied to the Optical Testing of Ground-Based Astronomical Telescopes
LIN Jing, LIU Zhong, JIN Zhen-yu
2004, 1(3): 188-195.
Abstract PDF
An Astrodome Synchronization System Based on AS-I Fieldbus
GAO Jie, XIAO Hong-ling, JIANG Xiao-jun
2004, 1(3): 196-202.
Abstract PDF
Research and Development Strategy and Focuses of Chinese Virtual Observatory
CUI Chen-zhou, ZHAO Yong-heng
2004, 1(3): 203-209.
Abstract PDF
Project on Chinese Virtual Solar Observatory
LIN Gang-hua
2004, 1(3): 210-215.
Abstract PDF
Data Access Service of China-VO
SANG Jian, ZHAO Yong-heng, CUI Chen-zhou
2004, 1(3): 216-228.
Abstract PDF
Visual Observatory and Science Education
QIAO Cui-lan, WU Juan, LIU Gao-chao, ZHENG Xiao-ping
2004, 1(3): 229-233.
Abstract PDF
LAMOST/GALAXY Project:Study of the Galaxy Using the LAMOST
HU Jing-yao
2004, 1(3): 234-240.
Abstract PDF
Hα Chromospheric Observations of the Venus Transit on June 8, 2004
ZHAO Shi-qing, LI Qiong-ying, CHEN Hua-dong, MA Su-li, LI Le-ping, JIANG Yun-chun, WU Ming-chan
2004, 1(3): 241-245.
Abstract PDF

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