The Study of The Early X-ray Afterglows About Bright and Dark GRBs
LIN Yi-qing
2007, 4(3): 199-204.
Abstract PDF
The Pulse of Different Angular Regions in the Fireball Framework
DONG Yun-ming, ZHAO Xiao-hong, JIA Lan-wei
2007, 4(3): 205-215.
Abstract PDF
The Correlation Between Radio Flux Density and Polarization Degree in Quasar 3C 273
MAO Li-sheng
2007, 4(3): 216-220.
Abstract PDF
Study of Large Scale Jet in M87 at the Multi-Wavebands
MENG Da-min, WANG Chun-cheng, ZHOU Hong-yan
2007, 4(3): 221-225.
Abstract PDF
Study on Performance of Gray System Model for the Satellite Clock Error Secular Prediction
ZHU Ling-feng, HAN Chun-hao, LI Chao
2007, 4(3): 226-230.
Abstract PDF
Research and Experiment on the Lunar Laser Ranging in China
ZHENG Xiang-ming, GUO Rui, LI Yu-qiang, LI Zhu-lian, FU Hong-lin, XIONG Yao-heng
2007, 4(3): 231-237.
Abstract PDF
The Effect of Image Rotating on the Computation of the Wave-front Tip-tilt Error in the Adaptive Optics for the Lunar Laser Ranging
GUO Rui, LI Rong-wang, XIONG Yao-heng
2007, 4(3): 238-242.
Abstract PDF
Oribt Design and Poingting Ahead Angle for Astrod 1
SONG Feng-gang, XIONG Yao-heng, NI Wei-dou
2007, 4(3): 243-248.
Abstract PDF
Structure and Data Processing of the Solar Stokes Spectral Telescope
LIANG Hong-fei, SU Tong-wei, ZHAO Hai-juan
2007, 4(3): 249-257.
Abstract PDF
Test of the General Demodulating Processor in the Luna Project of China
ZHENG Lei, SU Yan, LI Chun-lai, ZHANG Hong-bo
2007, 4(3): 258-265.
Abstract PDF
A Study of the Ethernet Throughput Performance of the Embedded System
DUAN Zhi-yu, ZHAO Zhao-wang
2007, 4(3): 266-275.
Abstract PDF
Galaxy Spectral Classification Dased on Data Warehouse
SUN Shi-wei, LUO A-li, ZHANG Ji-fu
2007, 4(3): 276-282.
Abstract PDF
Design and Implementation of China-VO Ephemeris Computing Service Based on Web Services
TIAN Hai-jun, ZHAO Yong-heng, CUI Chen-zhou, ZHENG Xiao-ping
2007, 4(3): 283-287.
Abstract PDF
The Net Meteorological Observatory Based on TINI System
WANG Chuan-jun, FAN Yu-feng, CHEN Dong
2007, 4(3): 288-295.
Abstract PDF
Exploration and Fulfilment of Astronomical Literature
SUN Yong-bo, GUO Hong-feng
2007, 4(3): 296-300.
Abstract PDF
Digging up the Earliest Astronomical Observatory in China
LI Wei-bao, CHEN Jiu-jin
2007, 4(3): 301-306.
Abstract PDF

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