Power-law Distribution of Scale Lengths of Interplanetary Magnetic Flux Ropes
FENG Heng-qiang, CAO Xing-jian
2010, 7(1): 1-7.
Abstract PDF
Design and Realization of the Software for the Control of the Supporting System of the FAST Feeds based on Linux
GUAN Hao, ZHU Wen-bai
2010, 7(1): 8-14.
Abstract PDF
An Ethernet-based Monitoring System of Cryogenic Receivers on a Radio Telescope
LU Jin-quan, CHEN Mao-zheng, LI Jian, XU Jin, WANG Xiao-mei
2010, 7(1): 15-20.
Abstract PDF
Reduction of Data of Interplanetary Scintillations Observed at a Single Station with a Single-Frequency Mode
LIU Li-jia, PENG Bo
2010, 7(1): 21-26.
Abstract PDF
Design and Test of an IBOB based Wideband Digital Spectrometer System for a Radio Telescope
LIU Dong-liang, John Ford, Glen Langston, NAN Ren-dong
2010, 7(1): 27-32.
Abstract PDF
Study of Atmospheric Effects on a 532nm Laser and Its Applications in the Laser Ranging Based on Diffuse Reflection
ZHAI Dong-sheng, FU Hong-lin, XIONG Yao-heng
2010, 7(1): 33-39.
Abstract PDF
The SOPC-technology Based Design and Implementation of an IP Controller Core of the Low-Resolution Multi-Object Spectrograph for the LAMOST
ZHANG Li, WANG Jia-ning, ZHU Yong-tian, WU Li-yan
2010, 7(1): 40-46.
Abstract PDF
Simulation of Random Phase Screens Formed by Multiple Layers of Atmospheric Turbulence
FU Yu, JIN Zhen-yu
2010, 7(1): 47-54.
Abstract PDF
Design of a Phase Diversity Wavefront Sensor
YU Xue-gang, LIU Zhong, JIN Zhen-yu, YANG Lei
2010, 7(1): 55-59.
Abstract PDF
A System for Measuring Atmospheric Temperature Fluctuation in a Dome
WANG Hong-shuai, LI Zhi, LIU Wei-wei
2010, 7(1): 60-64.
Abstract PDF
Gain Calibration of an Astronomical CCD Using Fe55
ZENG Zhi-rong, LI Bao-quan, PENG Ji-long
2010, 7(1): 65-71.
Abstract PDF
Progress in the Studies on the Space Telescope Mission of Aperture Synthesis in the Service d'aéronomie of France
FU Xi-yang, GUO Hong-feng
2010, 7(1): 72-77.
Abstract PDF
The Meteorological Anomalies before and afterthe Wenchuan Earthquake
SHI Jun, WANG Wei-xia, WEN Jing-xia
2010, 7(1): 78-84.
Abstract PDF

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