Installation and Use of Pulsar Search Software
M. J. Keith
2012, 9(3): 219-228.
Abstract PDF
Using the Parkes Pulsar Data Archive
J. Khoo, G. Hobbs, R. N. Manchester, D. Miller, J. Dempsey
2012, 9(3): 229-236.
Abstract PDF
Using the Pulsar Timing Software Package, TEMPO2
G. Hobbs
2012, 9(3): 257-276.
Abstract PDF
A Study on the Light-Curve Periodicity of the Cyg X-1 Based on the Jurkevich Method
Dong Aijun
2012, 9(3): 277-282.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of Horizontal Positioning Error Distribution of the Chinese Area Positioning System
Wang Meng, Ma Lihua, Zhang Lirong, Ji Haifu
2012, 9(3): 283-289.
Abstract PDF
Principle of Measurement with an Evans Visual Sky Photometer
Liu Yu, Gao Jinghua, Pei Xiaoxing
2012, 9(3): 290-294.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of the Preliminary Measurements with the Multi-Color Photometric System of the Sky Brightness Monitor of the YNAO
Liu Shunqing, Liu Yu, Song Tengfei, Zhang Xuefei, Wen Xiao
2012, 9(3): 295-301.
Abstract PDF
Design and Realization of a 10Hz Diffuse-Reflection Laser Ranging Control System
Li Zhulian, Li Yuqiang, Fu Honglin, Zheng Xiangming, He Shaohui
2012, 9(3): 302-307.
Abstract PDF
The Progress in Speckle-Imaging Experiment with the 1.56m Telescope of the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
Ding Yuanyuan, Tang Zhenghong, Wang Yan
2012, 9(3): 308-315.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of Driving Circuit and Design of PCB for Electron Multiplication of EMCCD
Jin Jianhui, Li Binhua, Chen Xiaoming
2012, 9(3): 316-322.
Abstract PDF
Research of Applications of the Common Execution Architecture Framework for the AstroGrid
Wang Jingjing, Ji Kaifan, Wang Feng, Deng Hui
2012, 9(3): 323-328.
Abstract PDF
A Set of H-S Windscreens and Test Results of it on the YNAO NVST
Li Zhi, Song Tengfei, Xu Jun
2012, 9(3): 329-334.
Abstract PDF
A Design for the Adjusting System of the Back Frame of the Xinjiang 1.3cm Radio Receiver
Ma Jun, Liu Qi, Cao Liang, Li Jian, Yan Hao
2012, 9(3): 335-338.
Abstract PDF

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