Revisiting the Correlation between γ-Ray and Mid-Infrared Fluxes of the BL Lac Objects Detected by the FERMI Satellite
Mao Lisheng
2013, 10(2): 103-109.
Abstract PDF
The Evolution of Radio Quasars with Cosmological Redshift
Xiong Dingrong, Zhang Xiong, Zheng Yonggang, Liu Wenguang, Kang Ting, Guo Fei
2013, 10(2): 110-120.
Abstract PDF
A Revisit of the Luminosity-Ep relation of Gamma-Ray Bursts
Yin yue, Bai yang, Zhang Tairong, Li Mingjun
2013, 10(2): 121-127.
Abstract PDF
Baseline Measurement of the Antenna Array for the Chinese Spectral Radioheliograph in the Centimeter-to-Decameter Wave Range
Liu Donghao, Yan Yihua, Li Sha, Wang Wei
2013, 10(2): 128-133.
Abstract PDF
Development and Testing of An S-band Flux Measurement System for the 40m Radio Telescope of the Yunnan Observatory
Liu Lijia, Liu Bin, Dong Liang, Peng Bo
2013, 10(2): 134-141.
Abstract PDF
Calibration Models and Their Simulations for an AGU of an Altazimuth Telescope
Lu Xiaomeng, Wang Jianfeng, Wang Huijuan, Mi Linying
2013, 10(2): 142-146.
Abstract PDF
Simulation of Overlapping between Main Wave and Echo in Common Optical-Path High Repetition Rate Laser Ranging
Zhang Haitao, Li Zhulian
2013, 10(2): 147-151.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of Effects of Area-to-Mass Ratio on the Errors in the Prediction of the Orbit of an IGSO Satellite through the Solar Radiation-Pressure Model
Jiang Hu
2013, 10(2): 152-155.
Abstract PDF
An Astrometric Experiments on the 2.4m Telescope of the Yunnan Observatory
Yang Chunyi, Peng Qingyu, Zhang Qingfeng
2013, 10(2): 156-161.
Abstract PDF
An Automatic Control System for Changing Feeds Based on Fuzzy PID and Laser Ranging
Aili Yusup, Li Yongjiang, Sun Zengwu, Guo Shaoguang
2013, 10(2): 162-170.
Abstract PDF
Design of an Auto-Guiding System with Machine Vision and the Gaussian-Fitting Method
Zhang Jie, Bai Jinming, Fan Yufeng
2013, 10(2): 171-178.
Abstract PDF
The Measurement of Shifting of the Optic Axis of the YNAO 1m Solar Telescope
Xiao Qigong, Liu Guangqian, Deng Linhua, Cheng Xiangming
2013, 10(2): 179-184.
Abstract PDF
Atmospheric Transparency and Precipitable Water Vapor at the Gaomeigu site in Lijiang
Li Jianyu, Zhan Jie, Xu Qingshan, Wei Heli
2013, 10(2): 185-193.
Abstract PDF
A Design of a Remote-Control Telescope System for High-School Students
Du Jingshan, Liu Yanzhi, Fu Shenming, Lin Lan
2013, 10(2): 194-200.
Abstract PDF
Comparison of Correlation-Based Techniques for Correcting and Stacking Solar Magnetic-Field Images
Chen Jie, Feng Song, Deng Hui, Ji Kaifan
2013, 10(2): 201-206.
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