Temporal Variations of the Power-Law Distribution of Low-Chromospheric Bright Points in a Solar Active Region
Li Xiaobo, Yang Zhiliang, Zhang Hongqi
2017, 14(2): 135-149.
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Evolutional Time Scale of Mass and Radius of T Tauri and Its Influence on the Rotation under the Action of the Ejected Material and Gravitational Contraction in the Step of the Slow Gravitational Contraction
Li Linsen
2017, 14(2): 150-156.
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An Analog Receiver Designing of 55-65MHz Band Radio Astronomy Observation
Dong Liang, Jiang Tao, Zhou Shaohong, Wang Min, Liu Junqing, Guo Shaojie
2017, 14(2): 157-163.
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Research and Application of Data Processing Method of the Health Monitoring System for the Main Active Reflector of FAST
Wang Qingmei, Zhu Ming, Wang Qiming, He Ling
2017, 14(2): 164-171.
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The Prime Focus Receiver Positioner Design of Xinjiang QiTai 110m Radio Telescope
Zhao Cong, Xu Qian, Wang Na, Xing Binbin
2017, 14(2): 172-178.
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Review on Lunar Basalt Classification Based on Remote Sensing Data
Cai Tingni, Li Chunlai, Ren Xin, Liu Jianjun, Liu Bin, Liu Dawei, Xu Xuesen
2017, 14(2): 179-191.
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Overview of the Martian Subsurface Exploration and Research Using Radar
Xiao Yuan, Su Yan, Dai Shun, Feng Jianqing, Ding Chunyu, Xing Shuguo, Li Chunlai
2017, 14(2): 192-211.
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Astronomical Data Query and Release Review
Zhang Hailong, Ye Xinchen, Li Huijuan, Wang Jie, Wang Wanqiong, Tohtonur, Nie Jun, Cui Chenzhou, Liu Liang, Chen Junyi, Chen Xiao, Xue Yansong, He Boliang, Li Changhua, Zhao Qing, Xiao Jian, Fan Dongwei, Cao Zihuang, Li Shanshan, Mi Linying, Yang Zherui
2017, 14(2): 212-228.
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The Application Method of in Developing MUSER Software System
Cai Nengjian, Liu Donghao, Deng Hui, Wei Shoulin, Wang Feng, Mei Ying, Dai Wei, Liu Yingbo, Wu Jingping
2017, 14(2): 229-235.
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Visualization Display Method for MUSER Remote Monitoring Data Based on WEB Technology
Zhou Xinlei, Wang Feng, Wei Shoulin, Mei Ying, Liu Cuiyin
2017, 14(2): 236-242.
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A Study on Automatic Management of Compute Nodes Based on OpenStack for Observatory
Shao Cen, Deng Hui, Wang Feng, Wei Shoulin, Mei Ying, Shi Congming, Liang Bo, Dai Wei, Liu Cuiyin
2017, 14(2): 243-250.
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Recognition of Solar Activities Based on Heliophysics Event Knowledgebase
Li Weijiang, Qi Xin, Wang Feng
2017, 14(2): 251-260.
Abstract PDF
An Enhanced Satellite Positioning Algorithm Based on Height Smoothing with Speed
Liu Cheng, Li Fang
2017, 14(2): 261-267.
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A Study of Evaluation on Radio Interference of FAST Visitor's Electronic Devices
Huang Shijie, Zhang Haiyan, Gan Hengqian, Yue Youling, Hu Hao, Song Jinyou
2017, 14(2): 268-274.
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