A Comparative Study on the Characteristics of X-ray Afterglow Variation in Two Types of Gamma Bursts
Meng Jian, Peng Zhaoyang, Chen Jiaming
2023, 20(5): 369-382. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230517.002
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Mid-infrared Variability Properties of Gamma-ray-loud Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy TXS 1206+549
Huang Weitian, Ning Gongming, Mao Lisheng
2023, 20(5): 383-395. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230512.003
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Detection of Quasiperiodic Oscillation on the Order of Days in Blazar PKS 0422+004 with TESS
Lu He, Yi Tingfeng, Chen Junping, Zhang Shun, Wang Liang, Chen Yutong
2023, 20(5): 396-402. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230625.001
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Estimation of the Doppler Factors for Blazars Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Model
Ning Gongming, Huang Weitian, Mao Lisheng
2023, 20(5): 403-411. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230428.002
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Observation of Radio Stars Del Lib and HR 1099 Using Piggy-back Phase Referencing Mode in Geodetic Observation
Chen Wen, Wang Min
2023, 20(5): 412-420. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230627.001
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The Key Technology Analyses and Researches of the Sparse Array in VHF Band in Radio Astronomy
Dong Liang, Zhang Ming, Xie Huanhuan, Hao Xing, Liu Haiwen, Guo Shaojie
2023, 20(5): 421-437. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230630.001
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A Novel Scheme of Orbit Deployment for Polar and in Situ Detection of the Sun
Li Jianping, Ji Haisheng, Zhao Haibin
2023, 20(5): 438-444. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230516.001
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Design of Optical System of the Lyot Filter Based on Magnetograph of the NVST
Wang Yuanfangzhou, Wang Xiqun, Lv Zhuo, Jin Zhenyu
2023, 20(5): 445-452. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230512.005
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Simulation Analysis of High Resolution Reconstruction Errors in Solar Polarization Images
Lv Zhuo, Wang Xiqun, Wang Yuanfangzhou, Jin Zhenyu
2023, 20(5): 453-462. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230515.001
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Optimized Design of 2.4 m Primary Mirror Reflective Film Thickness Uniformity
Chen Jianhui, Lun Baoli, Qin Songnian
2023, 20(5): 463-470. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20230512.001
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Data Analysis and Research Based on Time-frequency Data Platform
Zhang Yu, Qu Lili, Dong Shaowu, Zhang Jihai, Bai Shanshan, Wang Yiheng
2023, 20(5): 471-477. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20221102.001
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A New Core Position Reconstruction Method Based on Ground Particle Detector Array
Zheng Ying, He Yu, Zhu Fengrong, Zhang Feng
2023, 20(5): 478-486. DOI: 10.14005/j.cnki.issn1672-7673.20210716.001
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