The Internal Solution for Finstein Field Equation by Considering the Verctor Gravition Field
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Abstract PDF
A Statistical Analysis of Spiral Spots on Solar Disc
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Abstract PDF
The Model of Elementary Particles and Some New Theoretical Hypotheses
Wu Ziqian
1985, 0(2): 22-24.
Abstract PDF
The Sum of nth Powers
Wu Ziqian
1985, 0(2): 25-27.
Abstract PDF
Some Statistical Analysis about Radiant Characters and Space Distribution of Pulsars
Xie Rongrong, Wu Xinji, Qiao Guojun, Deng Guoxiang
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Abstract PDF
The Grating Form of the Micrometer of a Low-Latitude Meridian Circle
Mao Wei, Fan Yu
1985, 0(2): 34-40.
Abstract PDF
The Data Acquisition and Processing Program of the New Timing System of the SBG
Qu Zhiyao, Wang Benchun
1985, 0(2): 41-50.
Abstract PDF
A Moire Fringe Device Used on the Satellite Tracking Camera SBG
Qin Xuefen, Feng Hesheng, Wang Benchun
1985, 0(2): 51-58.
Abstract PDF
A Programmable,Multi-Interval,Wide Range and Automatic Successive Timer Used in Darkroom
Liao Kunzhen, Feng Yongming
1985, 0(2): 59-61.
Abstract PDF
Intensifier's Use at the Gnider
Qin Songnian, Zhao Zhaowang
1985, 0(2): 62-65.
Abstract PDF
A Method of Solving Square Roots With Double-Precision in BASIC Ⅱ Microcomputer Language
Wu Guangjie
1985, 0(2): 66-68.
Abstract PDF
The Programme Design of Compilling《TIME BULLETIN》by microcomputer
Zhou Jiguang, Du Changqing
1985, 0(2): 69-72.
Abstract PDF
The Relationships Linking Solar Activity to Weather and Climate
Huang Yialiang
1985, 0(2): 73-100.
Abstract PDF
The Developing Lunar Laser Ranging Systems
Zhou Yongfen
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Abstract PDF
Space Era's Comets(H)
Wu Mingchan
1985, 0(2): 107-122.
Abstract PDF
, ,
1985, 0(2): 123-123.
Abstract PDF
1985, 0(2): 124-125.
Abstract PDF

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