Movement of the Umbrae and the Complicated Magnetic Configuration in AR 5395
Li Weibao, Hong Qinfang, Li Zhikai
1990, 0(1): 1-8.
Abstract PDF
Longitude Distributions of the Large Sunspot Groups on the Solar Disk in the Past Three Cycles
Hong Qinfang
1990, 0(1): 9-13.
Abstract PDF
A 3B Flare of 1989 April 9
Ma kaiquan, Hong Qinfang, Li Qiongying
1990, 0(1): 14-16.
Abstract PDF
Periodicity of the Variations in the Solar Neutrino Flux and the Solar Activities
Jia Guibin
1990, 0(1): 17-25.
Abstract PDF
Relationship of the Developments of the Great Earthquakes of Magnitude 8 in the Continent of China to the Solar Activity and Earth Movement
Zhao Hongsheng
1990, 0(1): 26-31.
Abstract PDF
Construction and Research of the Observation and Data Processing System for the Solar Hα High-Resolution Image
Li Zhi, Yang Xiaoning
1990, 0(1): 32-37.
Abstract PDF
Observational Research on Stellar Maser Sources in the Infrared
Chen Peisheng, Gao Heng, Chen Yankang, Dong Hongwei
1990, 0(1): 38-44.
Abstract PDF
A Computer Data Conversion Center
Yang Wcimin
1990, 0(1): 45-48.
Abstract PDF
Computer "WINDOW" Functions and Special Tools for the Astronomical Measurement
Wu Guangjie
1990, 0(1): 49-53.
Abstract PDF
Development of A Micro-Computer Time Code Transmitter System
Zhou Jiguang, Gong Yuanfang
1990, 0(1): 54-58.
Abstract PDF
Lunar and Satellite Laser Ranging System at Orroral
Wang Wu
1990, 0(1): 59-64.
Abstract PDF

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