The Basic Units of Fast Fine Structures of Solar Microwave Bursts
Ji Shuchen
1995, 0(4): 1-5.
Abstract PDF
The Correlation Analysis On the Solar Radiation Events and Hα Flares
Ma Yuan, Xia Zhiguo
1995, 0(4): 6-9.
Abstract PDF
The Results of Radio Synchronous Observations at Four Wavelengths During the Solar Cycle 22 in Yunnan Observatory
Wang Congyun, Xie Ruixiang, Wang Min
1995, 0(4): 10-20.
Abstract PDF
The Ionosphere and the Propagtion Path of Radio Waves
Chen Xiaojuan
1995, 0(4): 21-29.
Abstract PDF
Infrared Study of the HⅡ Region—Molecular Cloud Complex S142
Li Jinzeng, Chen Peisheng
1995, 0(4): 30-38.
Abstract PDF
The Principle and Error Analysis of the DIMM with Three Sub—apertures
Tan Huisong, Xu Jun, Qin Xuefeng
1995, 0(4): 39-44.
Abstract PDF
Preliminary Analyses for the Relation Between Meteorological Sounding Data and Astronomical Seeing in Kunming
Li Xiaoming, Zhao Benzhong
1995, 0(4): 45-51.
Abstract PDF
A Review on the Problems in the Establishment of Celestial Reference Frames
Li Jinling
1995, 0(4): 52-60.
Abstract PDF
The Development of the Tracking Technology of Satellites
Miao Yuanxing
1995, 0(4): 61-65.
Abstract PDF
Observational Subjects for the Solar Eclipse on October 24,1995 in Kunming,China
Chen Xiaojuan
1995, 0(4): 66-71.
Abstract PDF
The Application and Test on the Principal Performance of the Solar Radio Fast Recording System at the PIN Modulator
Chen Guoqiang
1995, 0(4): 72-75.
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