The Simulation and Formation of Fractal Images
Huan Zunxiang, Ji Kaifan, Cao Wenda, Song Qian
1997, 0(1): 1-9.
Abstract PDF
An Analysis on the Strongest Active Regions of Solar Cycle 21st
Li Weibao, Wang Hongzhao
1997, 0(1): 10-17.
Abstract PDF
The Radio Diagnosis of Micro Flare and Coronal Electron Acceleration—The Observations on Radio Spectra
Xie Ruixiang, Wang Min
1997, 0(1): 18-24.
Abstract PDF
Analysis on TypeⅡ Burst and Solar Activity
Ma Yuan, Xia Zhiguo
1997, 0(1): 25-28.
Abstract PDF
Position Observations of Comet Hyakutake
Wu Guangjie, Ji Kaifan
1997, 0(1): 29-34.
Abstract PDF
Optical Positions of Radio Sources IERS 0716+714 and IERS 0839+187
Wang Shuhe, Tang Zhenghong
1997, 0(1): 35-40.
Abstract PDF
The Determination of Rotation Parameters of the Hipparcos Input Catalogue to the IERS Extragalactic Celestial Reference Frame
Li Jinling, Jin Wenjing, Ping Jinsong
1997, 0(1): 41-46.
Abstract PDF
Determination of the Zero Point of Celestial Reference—he Weight of Zero Point Correction by Using Different Asteroids
Wang Xiaobin
1997, 0(1): 47-55.
Abstract PDF
The Improvement of Determination of the Instantaneous Azimuth Error by Lower Latitude Meridian Circle (LLMC) (Ⅱ)
Peng Qingyu
1997, 0(1): 56-59.
Abstract PDF
A Measurement Method of the Optical Transfere Function for Astronomical Telescopes
Xiong Yaoheng, Feng Hesheng
1997, 0(1): 60-64.
Abstract PDF
Signal to Noise Ratio and its Processing in Array Detector
Wu Guangjie
1997, 0(1): 65-69.
Abstract PDF
The Antenna Gain Determination of Radio Telescope
Shang Qiongzeng, Yu Jianming, Hu Hanming, Li Yongsheng
1997, 0(1): 70-75.
Abstract PDF
WinView and Its Usage on the 1m Telescope at Yunnan Observatory
Cao Wenda, Ji Kaifan, Song Qian, Huan Zunxiang
1997, 0(1): 76-81.
Abstract PDF
The Development of a Square Wave Isolation Amplifier in the Solar Radio Fast Recording System
Chen Guoqiang
1997, 0(1): 81-84.
Abstract PDF
The Mechanism Investigation on the Superwind and Thermal Pulse in the AGB Star
Jiang Suyun
1997, 0(1): 85-86.
Abstract PDF
Photometric Study of Close Binary
Qian Shengbang
1997, 0(1): 87-88.
Abstract PDF
Study of the Flare and Its Velocity Fields Observed on August 17, 1989
Dun Jinping
1997, 0(1): 89-89.
Abstract PDF
The Relationship Between the Coronal Hole Evolution and Solar Cycle
Duan Changchun
1997, 0(1): 90-91.
Abstract PDF
Relations Between Coronal Mass Ejection and Solar Act ivity as Well as Its Active Cycle
Kong Yongjin
1997, 0(1): 92-93.
Abstract PDF
The Method for Determination and Handle of the Instrumental Errors of the Low Latitude Meridian Circle (LLMC)
Hu Yupin
1997, 0(1): 94-94.
Abstract PDF
Research on the Actual Measurement of Atmospheric Refraction
Wang Feng
1997, 0(1): 95-96.
Abstract PDF
Self-Referenced Speckle Holography-high Resolution Imaging Method Using Wavefront Sensing from Deconvolution
Huan Hui
1997, 0(1): 97-99.
Abstract PDF
A Study on Some New Techology Applied to Modern Astronomical CCD Controller
Chen Dong
1997, 0(1): 99-101.
Abstract PDF
The Design Construction and Measurment of A Long—Periodic Dipole Antenna
Geng Lihong
1997, 0(1): 101-102.
Abstract PDF

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