The Statistical Study on the Size Distribution of Disk Galaxies
WU Hai-bin, ZHANG Bo, CHANG Rui-xiang, ZHANG Ming-xuan
2008, 5(1): 1-6.
Abstract PDF
Multi-wave Band Observation of Bi-directional Type Ⅲ Drift Bursts
MA Yuan, WANG De-yu
2008, 5(1): 7-12.
Abstract PDF
Observational Characteristics of Multi-wavelength Radio Emissions Associated with Different Velocities of Solar Coronal Mass Ejection
XIE Rui-xiang, GONG Ling-ping, SHI Shuo-biao
2008, 5(1): 13-20.
Abstract PDF
The Improvement of Optimizing the Beam Divergence of Laser Range-Finder for Small Object
HU Bing, XIONG Yao-heng
2008, 5(1): 21-24.
Abstract PDF
Real-Time Precise Monitoring TEC Based on Ground GPS Network
IAN Yan-tao, WANG Xiao-ya, HUANG Cheng
2008, 5(1): 25-29,36.
Abstract PDF
Analysis on Properties of GPS Signals in the Indoor Circumstances
LIANG Kun, SHI Hu-li, NING Chun-lin
2008, 5(1): 30-36.
Abstract PDF
The Calculation Unit Design for the Correlation Tracker in Space Solar Telescope
LI Chang-song
2008, 5(1): 37-42.
Abstract PDF
The Solar and the Lunar RFI Test for the 40m Radio Telescope
GAO Guan-nan, ZHANG Xi-zhen, SU Yan, SHI Shuo-biao, JIN Wang, WANG Min
2008, 5(1): 43-48.
Abstract PDF
Research on Noise Reduction for Millisecond Pulsar Signal Based on Wavelet Transform
WANG Li, KE Xi-zheng, NI Guang-ren
2008, 5(1): 49-54.
Abstract PDF
Collection of Techniques on Dealing with Image Files of FITS Format and Applications to the Solar Observation
HU Xin-hua, DENG Yuan-yong, WANG Xian-ping
2008, 5(1): 55-65.
Abstract PDF
A Portable Photoelectric Photometer at Yunnan Observatory and the Way to Measure the Sky Brightness
ZHANG Tao, LIU Guang-qian, LI Zhi
2008, 5(1): 66-73.
Abstract PDF
On the Intensity Method for Measuring Waveplate Phase Decay
SUN Ying-zi, WANG Dong-guang, ZHANG Zhi-yong, DENG Yuan-yong, ZHANG Hong-qi, XUAN Wei-jia
2008, 5(1): 74-82.
Abstract PDF
The Thermal Analysis of the Primary Mirror of 1m Infrared Solar Telescope at Yunnan Observatory
GU Bo-zhong, ZUO Heng
2008, 5(1): 83-90.
Abstract PDF
Bias Power Supply Design for a Cryogenic HEMT Low Noise Amplifier
XU Jiang, SUN Zheng-wen
2008, 5(1): 91-96,98.
Abstract PDF
Monitoring Solar Activity During the Launch Period of Chang'e I Lunar Satellite
ZHAO Shi-qing, LI Qiong-ying, TAO Jin-ping, LIU Zi-zhong
2008, 5(1): 97-98.
Abstract PDF

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