Analysis of the Generation-Order Parameters and Spectra of γ-ray Pulsars
ZHAO Zhi-yun
2009, 6(4): 259-263.
Abstract PDF
Theoretical Improvement of Methods for Judging the Synchronization of Self Rotations of Stars in a Spectroscopic Binary System
LI Lin-sen
2009, 6(4): 264-270.
Abstract PDF
Design of a Control System of Compensation for the Focal Displacement of Feed of a 50m Antenna
LI Zhe, ZHANG Hong-bo, KONG De-qing, FU Qiang, GENG Jing-chao, ZHANG Yu-feng
2009, 6(4): 271-275.
Abstract PDF
A Local Oscillator of a Demonstrative Model of the Receiver of the FAST
GAN Heng-qian, CHEN Hong-sheng, GAO Long, JIN Cheng-jin
2009, 6(4): 276-279.
Abstract PDF
The Implementation of a Correlator for Microwave Holographic Measurement
WANG Jin-qing, FAN Qing-yuan, LI Bin
2009, 6(4): 280-291.
Abstract PDF
Design and Fabrication of a Temperature-Monitoring System of a Dewar in a Cryogenically Cooled Receiver
YANG Ying, SUN Zheng-wen, WANG Xiao-mei
2009, 6(4): 292-297.
Abstract PDF
Simulation of the Distributions of Typical Space Debris on Low Earth Orbits during Year 2009
JIANG Hu, WANG Xiao-ya
2009, 6(4): 298-304.
Abstract PDF
Design and Realization of a Synchronized Rotating Shutter for a Laser Range Finder on the 1.2m Telescope of YNAO
HE Shao-hui, ZHENG Xiang-ming
2009, 6(4): 305-309.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of the Feedback-Control System of the Auto Guide System of the 1m Infrared Solar Telescope of the Yunnan Observatory
DENG Lin-hua, LIU Guang-qian, CHENG Xiang-ming, LI Xue-bao
2009, 6(4): 310-318.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of the Slit-Scanning Control System of the 1 Meter Solar Telescope of YNAO
YUE Fang-fang, XU Jun, ZHANG Rui-long
2009, 6(4): 319-326.
Abstract PDF
High-Resolution Reconstruction of Images from an Interferometry Telescope
GAO Li-li, LIU Zhong, JIN Zhen-yu
2009, 6(4): 327-333.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of a Supporting System with a Stewart Platform for Telescope Secondary Mirror
GU Bo-zhong, YUE Zhong-yu
2009, 6(4): 334-341.
Abstract PDF
Test and Analysis for the Performance of a Magnetostrictive Micro-displacement Actuator
ZHANG Meng-liang, QI Yong-jun, YANG Bin-tang
2009, 6(4): 342-346.
Abstract PDF

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