Observations of Pulsars with a Record System Combining a DBBC and a Mark 5B
Li Zhixuan, Wang Min, Hao Longfei, Luo Jintao
2011, 8(1): 1-7.
Abstract PDF
Research on Key Technologies in Simulating Real-Time Operation of the Ground Segment of the Chang'E-2 Mission
Xiao Yuan, Zhang Zhiqiang, Lu Chang, Wen Weibin
2011, 8(1): 8-14.
Abstract PDF
Precise Adjustment of the Polar Axis of a Radio Telescope Antenna with a CCD Camera
Zhang Yan, Yan Yihua, Tan Chengming, Wang Wei, Huang Yafang
2011, 8(1): 15-20.
Abstract PDF
Development and Test of Nodes of Wireless Cable Tension Sensors For the Fast
Zhou Yu, Wang Qiming, Li Jianbin
2011, 8(1): 21-28.
Abstract PDF
CEI-based Scheme of Orbit Determination of a Course under Remote Guidance Leading to Spacecraft Rendezvous and Docking
Li Xiaojie, Du Lan, Huang Jin
2011, 8(1): 29-35.
Abstract PDF
The Research of GPS Monitoring of the Chuan-Dian block
Kang Silin, Li Yuqiang, Xiong Yaoheng
2011, 8(1): 36-41.
Abstract PDF
Design and Implementation of Job Scheduling of a Virtual Observatory Data Access System (VO-DAS)
Tian Haijun, Liu Chao, Gao Dan, Yang Yang, Lu Yong, Cui Chenzhou, Zhao Yongheng, Zheng Xiaoping
2011, 8(1): 42-51.
Abstract PDF
Automatic Real-time Solar Tracking System
Wang Bin, Zhang Xun
2011, 8(1): 52-57.
Abstract PDF
High-Precision Photometry Based on an Effective Point Spread Function Method
Wang Xian, Su Chengyue, Wang Tingting
2011, 8(1): 58-63.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of Network Stability in the LAMOST Observation Control System
Wu Kefei, Luo Ali
2011, 8(1): 64-72.
Abstract PDF
Study of a Lossless Compression Method of Astronomical Images Using Segmention-based DPCM and 5/3 Integer Wavelet Transformations
Zhu Guifu, Deng Hui, Wang Feng, Ji Kaifan
2011, 8(1): 73-80.
Abstract PDF
On the Performance of Spectral Analysis with a Polyphase Filter Bank and Its Application in Radio Astronomy
Zhu Kai, Gan Hengqian, Zhu Yan, Jin Chengjin
2011, 8(1): 81-90.
Abstract PDF
Anomalous Variations of Daily Residual Fluctuations of Astronomical Time of the Astrolabe in the Yunnan Observatory during 2008~2009
Hu Hui, Han Yanben, Su Youjin, Fu hong, Yin Zhiqiang, Li Yuqiang, Wang Rui
2011, 8(1): 91-94.
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