A Study of the Periodicity of Spectral Index in a Broad Radio Band of the BL Lac Object AO 0235+164
Liang Jihua, Zhang Xiong, Chen Jihe, Xiong Dingrong, Liu Wenguang
2012, 9(2): 107-113.
Abstract PDF
Research and Implementation of a Visual Simulation System of Orbital Motion of the Chang'E-2 Spacecraft
Gao Xingye, Liu Jianjun, Ren Xin, Zou Xiaoduan, Li Chunlai
2012, 9(2): 114-120.
Abstract PDF
A Numerical Study on the Wind Environment of the FAST
Wu Mingchang, Wang Qiming, Guo Yongwei, Zhao Baoqing
2012, 9(2): 121-128.
Abstract PDF
Low-Noise Temperature Measurement Methods in the Radio Astronomy
Chen Yong, Sun Zhengwen, Yuan Jianping, Jia Liangquan
2012, 9(2): 129-136.
Abstract PDF
Determination of the Distance to a Non-Coorperative Target in Laser Ranging with Separate Optical Paths
Li Yuqiang, Li Rongwang, Li Zhulian, Zhai Dongsheng
2012, 9(2): 137-142.
Abstract PDF
A Design of OMR-IFU for the 2.16m Telescope of NAOC
Gao Dongyang, Zhao Fei, Qiu Peng, Jiang Xiaojun
2012, 9(2): 143-149.
Abstract PDF
Constructing Data Nodes of the China-VO with the MapReduce
Song Xuan, Zhou Wei, Han Jizhong, Cui Chenzhou
2012, 9(2): 150-156.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of Effects of Errors of the Absolute Difference Algorithm on Day-time Seeing Measurement
Zheng Lianhui, Jin Zhenyu, Xiang Yongyuan
2012, 9(2): 157-161.
Abstract PDF
The Hydraulic Monitor and Its Control System of the 1m Infrared Solar Telescope of the Yunnan Observatory
Zhao Xuejuan, Liu Guangqian, Zhang Tao
2012, 9(2): 162-167.
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Analysis of the Preliminary Measurements Taken by the Multi-Color Photometric System of the YNAO Sky Brightness Monitor
Liu Shunqing, Duan Ji, Zhang Xuefei, Wen Xiao, Qu Zhongquan, Liu Yu
2012, 9(2): 168-175.
Abstract PDF
Automatic Methods of Locating the Solar-Disk Center in Images Taken by a Solar-Halo Photometer
Wen Xiao, Liu Yu, Song Tengfei, Zhang Xuefei, Liu Nianping
2012, 9(2): 176-183.
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Statistical Analysis of the Meteorological Conditions for Astronomical Observation at Mount Dashanbao in the Zhaotong City
Duan Ji, Liu Yu, Shen Yuandeng, Song Tengfei, Liu Shunqing, Zhang Xuefei, Wen Xiao, Yang Lei, Lin Jun, Liu Zhong, Wang Jiancheng
2012, 9(2): 184-202.
Abstract PDF
A Review of Impact-Crater Detection
Liu Yuxuan, Liu Jianjun, Mu Lingli, Li Chunlai
2012, 9(2): 203-212.
Abstract PDF
Technological Implementation of the Scientific Practice Center for Astronomical Observation
Lin Qin, Lu Xiaomeng, Li Huali, Mi Linying, Gao Dongyang
2012, 9(2): 213-218.
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