Impact of the Catastrophic Photo-z Error on the Dark Energy Equation of State Parameters by the Method of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations and Weak Lensing
Gao Pengyuan
2016, 13(1): 1-10.
Abstract PDF
The Study of Variations of Cyclotron Resonant Scattering Features in GX 301-2 by using the INTEGRAL/IBIS
Yu Guangwen, Wang Wei
2016, 13(1): 11-23.
Abstract PDF
The Relation between the Accretion Rate and the Jet Power
Zhang Xu, Zhang Xiong
2016, 13(1): 24-30.
Abstract PDF
Research on the Momentum Driven Feedback Mechanism
Fu Yan, Zhang Xiaoxia
2016, 13(1): 31-43.
Abstract PDF
Atmospheric Refractions and Radio Telescope Pointing Corrections
Xiao Ming, Wang Na, Liu Zhiyong
2016, 13(1): 44-51.
Abstract PDF
Upgrading the Solar Radio Flux Telescope with the Frequency of 2.84GHz
Du Jing, Yan Yihua, Xu Zhicai, Yin Xinghui, Wang Wei, Tan Chengming, Chen Zhijun
2016, 13(1): 52-57.
Abstract PDF
Inertia Tensor for MORVEL Tectonic Plates
Li Chunxiao
2016, 13(1): 58-69.
Abstract PDF
The Orbit Evolution of the iHCO Satellite in the CAPS System
Xu Xiaojun, Lin Rongchao, Ma Lihua, Ai Guoxiang
2016, 13(1): 70-74.
Abstract PDF
NVST Multi-Channel High-Resolution Imaging System
Chen Yuchao, Jin Zhenyu, Yang Lei
2016, 13(1): 75-81.
Abstract PDF
The Study on the Application of the Stabilized Control System for the Tip-tilt Mirror Image in NVST
Li Yuyan, Liu Guangqian
2016, 13(1): 82-92.
Abstract PDF
Image Quality Evaluation of the CCD Stereo Camera of Chang'E-2 Lunar Satellite
Wang Fenfei, Ren Xin, Liu Jianjun, Li Chunlai
2016, 13(1): 93-99.
Abstract PDF
A Comparison of the MEM and the MP-CLEAN Methods for the Image Reconstruction of Extended Sources with Simulated Visibility Data
Zhang Maolin, Zhou Jianfeng
2016, 13(1): 100-110.
Abstract PDF
Research of the Coating Layer Temperature Measurement at the Earth-Based Solar Telescope
Huang Shanjie, Dai Yichun, Jin Zhenyu, Zhang Tao, Zeng Guang
2016, 13(1): 111-116.
Abstract PDF
A Study on the Real-time Collection of the Vantage Pro Weather Station and the Application in the MUSER
Wei Shoulin, Shi Congming, Gao Jiaojiao, Wang Feng, Deng Hui, Ji Kaifan
2016, 13(1): 117-123.
Abstract PDF
Application of Spectral Analysis Softwares in Astronomy
Tu Yang, Zhang Yanxia, Zhao Yongheng, Tian Haijun, Yuan Hailong
2016, 13(1): 124-132.
Abstract PDF
The Design and Actualization of the Electromagnetic Emission Evaluation Software for the Electronic Equipment at the Radio Astronomy Station
Li Ying, Liu Qi, Liu Yanling, Sun Zhengwen, Chen Maozheng, Zhang Quntao
2016, 13(1): 133-142.
Abstract PDF

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