A Study on Deflection Characteristics of Coronal Mass Ejection
Wang Linping, Wang Huaning, Huang Xin
2016, 13(2): 143-149.
Abstract PDF
The Relationship between First X-Class Flare, First High Latitude Sunspot Hemisphere Features and the Asymmetry of Solar Activity during Solar Cycle 21-24
Lu Yangping, Le Guiming, Zhao Haofeng, Yin Zhiqiang
2016, 13(2): 150-152.
Abstract PDF
A Statistical Study on Sunspot Area Varying with Sunspot Number
Feng Wen, Xie Jinglan, Li Kejun
2016, 13(2): 153-159.
Abstract PDF
MUSER-II Analog Receiver System Designing and Developing
Geng Lihong, Yan Yihua, Song Qinghui, Wei Lihui, Chen Zhijun, Wang Wei, Liu Fei, Tan Chengming
2016, 13(2): 160-169.
Abstract PDF
The Design and Implementation of a Low Frequence Radio Antenna Array Digital Terminal
Zhang Jinpeng, He Lesheng, Dong Liang, Wang Ting, Li Xuemin
2016, 13(2): 170-177.
Abstract PDF
Apparent Position Calculation of Celestial Body in the Solar System Used for the Celestial Attitude Determination
Lian Yueyong, Zhang Chao, Zhan Yinhu, Xie Zongte
2016, 13(2): 178-183.
Abstract PDF
The Study and Application of a High Performance UVFITS Assembly System Based on MPI
Chen Tairan, Wang Wei, Wang Feng, Deng Hui, Liu Yingbo, Mei Ying
2016, 13(2): 184-189.
Abstract PDF
The Design and Implementation of a Wide-Field Optical Transient Identification System
Ma Dong, Wu Chao, Tian Haijun, Wei Jianyan
2016, 13(2): 190-198.
Abstract PDF
The Design and Test of a Cryogenic Micro-Displacement Actuator
Bai Qingshun, Wang Qun, Zhang Qingchun, Liang Yingchun, Lou Zheng
2016, 13(2): 199-204.
Abstract PDF
The Error Analysis and Correction of NVST's Long-Term Tracking
Chen Yuchao, Liu Guangqian
2016, 13(2): 205-212.
Abstract PDF
Achieving Dome Slit Driving and Status Detection with Two Conductive Rings
Chen Yingwei
2016, 13(2): 213-218.
Abstract PDF
A Research on the ROACH2-GPU-Cluster-based Correlator——The Design and Implementation of an X-engine Module
Wang Qunxiong, Niu Chenhui, Tian Haijun, Wu Fengquan, Li Jixia, Chen Xuelei, Hao Jie
2016, 13(2): 219-227.
Abstract PDF
A Storage Solution for China's Solar Physics Historical Observation Data
Lin Ganghua
2016, 13(2): 228-232.
Abstract PDF
Data Cleaning for Photospheric Bright Points Based on Clustering Analysis
Zhang Aili, Xiong Jianping, Yang Yunfei, Feng Song, Deng Hui, Ji Kaifan
2016, 13(2): 233-241.
Abstract PDF
A Real-Time Image Processing System for Detecting and Removing Cloud Shadows on Hα Full-Disk Solar
Zhang Nengwei, Yang Yunfei, Li Ranyang, Ji Kaifan
2016, 13(2): 242-249.
Abstract PDF
An Experiment of CCD Frame-Combination
Yang Qiang, Peng Qingyu
2016, 13(2): 250-256.
Abstract PDF
The Design of a Spectrum Scanning Observation System for the New Vacuum Solar Telescope
Yang Changchun, Li Zhenggang, Chen Yuchao, Xu Jun
2016, 13(2): 257-265.
Abstract PDF
The SExtractor and Its Applications in Deep Sky Surveys
Ruan Zhifeng, Wu Wentao
2016, 13(2): 266-272.
Abstract PDF

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