Carbon Stars And Their Effective Temperature
Chen Peisheng, Zhang Yun, Kao Heng
1983, 0(1): 1-5.
Abstract PDF
The Light Curved in the Strong Charged Gravitational Field
Zhou Yuan, Xie Guangzhong
1983, 0(1): 6-12.
Abstract PDF
The Test of Pointing Error and Relative Bending of the 1 M Telescope at Yunnan Observatory
Tan Huisong
1983, 0(1): 13-16.
Abstract PDF
Recent Developments of the Researches on Close Binaries
Chen Guangyu
1983, 0(1): 17-18.
Abstract PDF
Significance of the Absolute Determination of the Position of A Celestial Body in Low Latftudies
Hu Xiaochun, Fan Yu, Li Zhiming, Du Minghui, Mao Wei
1983, 0(1): 19-24.
Abstract PDF
A Circuit-Controlled InsUllation for Refuting A Transit
Li Zhiming, Hu Xiaochun, Fan Yu, Du Minghui, Mao Wei
1983, 0(1): 25-29.
Abstract PDF
An Analysis of the Systematic Errors of Spectral Type of the Photoelectric Astrolabe of Type Ⅱ
Tang Bing
1983, 0(1): 30-35.
Abstract PDF
The Comparison of the Observations Made with the Vacuum Tube of A Photoelectric Astrolabe of Type Ⅱ with Those Made with the Nonvacuum Tube
Ma Tiangui, Jiang Chongguo, Wang Rui
1983, 0(1): 36-39.
Abstract PDF
The Long Period Oscillation of the Terrestrial Pole
Hu Hui, Li Yongsheng, Li Zhian
1983, 0(1): 40-44.
Abstract PDF
Comments on the Solar Activities During the Rising Phase of Cycle 21
Zhang Guiqing, Chen Chuanle
1983, 0(1): 45-52.
Abstract PDF
The Control Program Design of the Microcomputer Attached to the Solar Turret Telescope at Pic du Midi in France
Feng Yongming
1983, 0(1): 53-58.
Abstract PDF
Introduction of the Design of the Mechanically Driven Device for Opening An Astrodome
Leng Shengquan
1983, 0(1): 59-67.
Abstract PDF
An Improvement on the Glass Cutter Used in a Darkroom
Wu Guangjie
1983, 0(1): 68-69.
Abstract PDF
Less Bit Quantization and Correlation of Noise Signals
Yang Yipei
1983, 0(1): 70-74.
Abstract PDF
Performance Test of A 35-cm Telescope
Zhang Zhousheng, Zhang Yunlin, Li Yulan
1983, 0(1): 75-77.
Abstract PDF

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