Period Analysis of the Semi-Detached Binary V505 Sgr
Qian Shengbang, Liu Qingyao, Yang Yulang
1998, 0(4): 1-7.
Abstract PDF
Investigation of the Reliability of the Sunspot Numbers Issued by Yunnan Observatory
Li Kejun, Zhan Lasheng
1998, 0(4): 8-14.
Abstract PDF
The Structure of the External Corona in Solar Activity Minimum
Luo Baorong, Wang Feng
1998, 0(4): 15-22.
Abstract PDF
On the Relation Among the Solar Activity,The Quasi-Biennial Oscilliation in the Eaquatorial Stratosphere and El Nino
Gu Zhennian
1998, 0(4): 23-29.
Abstract PDF
Progress in the Studies of Coronal Hole
Duan Changchun
1998, 0(4): 30-38.
Abstract PDF
Measurement Method and Preliminary Result of the Spectral Resolution for the Solar Spectral Telescope
Zhong Shuhua, Gu Xiaoma, Xu Hui, Zhang Xiaoyu
1998, 0(4): 39-42.
Abstract PDF
Computer Simulation for the Observation of the 1.56μm Fe Ⅰ Spectral Line of Solar Magnetic Field
Cao Wenda, Ji Kaifan, Song Qian
1998, 0(4): 43-50.
Abstract PDF
Discussion of the Systematic Differences of the FK5
Lu Peizhen, Xu Tongqi
1998, 0(4): 51-54.
Abstract PDF
Calculation of Inertial Forces Caused by Reference Frame Motion in Orbital Integration
Miao Yuanxing
1998, 0(4): 55-65.
Abstract PDF
Mathematical Pointing Model Establishment of the Visual Tracking Theodolite for Satellites in Two Kinds of Observation Methods
Zhang Yuncheng
1998, 0(4): 66-69.
Abstract PDF
The Temperature Pulsation Measurement System and the Preliminary Observation at the Gaomeigu station
Qian Tongling, Xu Jun, Cen Xuefen, Wang Jiancheng
1998, 0(4): 70-81.
Abstract PDF
Site Testing Report at Kuixiandaban Xinjiang(Ⅰ)Meteorological Situation for Astronomical Observation
Aier Ken, Aili·Yi
1998, 0(4): 82-90.
Abstract PDF
A Method of Measuring Shadow of the Sun by 10 Poles
Li Weibao, Mao Wei
1998, 0(4): 91-96.
Abstract PDF

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