VLBI Structures of Extragalactic Radio Sources at High Frequencies
TIAN Wen-wu, WU Sheng-yin, ZHANG Hai-yan
2001, 0(2): 1-9.
Abstract PDF
Perturbation Effect of the Earth's Magnetic Field on the Orbital Elements of a Charged Satellite
LI Lin-sen
2001, 0(2): 8-25.
Abstract PDF
Observational Analysis of the Phases in Solar Flare Occurred Radio Fast Fine Structures
XIE Rui-xiang, WANG Min
2001, 0(2): 10-17.
Abstract PDF
MSISE90 Atmospheric Density Model and its Application to the GPS Radio Occultation
2001, 0(2): 26-30.
Abstract PDF
LEO Satellite Orbit Design for Practical Meteorological Requirements
2001, 0(2): 31-34.
Abstract PDF
The Method of the Limited Area Building Block and the Experiment of Astronomical Image Reconstruction
LOU Ke, QIU Yao-hui, LIU Zhong, LU Ru-wei
2001, 0(2): 35-41.
Abstract PDF
The Electronic Reform of the 1-m RCC Telescope in Yunnan Observatory
ZHOU Ji-guang, LI Zi-li, WANG Bi
2001, 0(2): 42-47.
Abstract PDF
The Second Term Site Survey of the Gaomeigu Station in Lijiang-General Survey
QIAN Tong-ling, WANG Cong-yun, CEN Xue-fen, WANG Jian-cheng
2001, 0(2): 48-54.
Abstract PDF
A Special Phenomenon’s Prediction A Very Close Conjunction Between Uranus and a Hipparcos Star
PENG Qing-yu
2001, 0(2): 55-58.
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