A Study of Absorption Redshifts of Quasars
LIU Hong-tao
2005, 2(3): 141-146.
Abstract PDF
Solar Radio Radiation Events Occurred in the Meter Waver Band
MA Yuan, XIE Rui-xiang
2005, 2(3): 147-153.
Abstract PDF
The Software of Automatic Measurement of Urumqi 25m Radio Telescope Efficiency
LIU Fang, Jarken Esimbek, ZHANG Jin, ZHOU Jian-jun
2005, 2(3): 154-161.
Abstract PDF
The Fuzzy Control Policy Implementation of Software and Hardware Adopted in Automatically Changing Receiver System of 25m Radio Telescope
WANG Xiang-feng, ZHANG Jin, Aili yu
2005, 2(3): 162-169.
Abstract PDF
The Application of the Tape Encoder and Ring Encoder on the 2.16m Telescope
TIAN Li-li, WANG Jin-hu, CHEN Ying-wei, XIAN Shu-hua, LI Feng-yun, WANG Hong-qi
2005, 2(3): 170-176.
Abstract PDF
Improvement on Test and Reduction Methods for Readout Noise and Charge Transfer Efficiency of CCD Camera
LI Bin-hua, YE Bin-xun
2005, 2(3): 177-185.
Abstract PDF
The Realization of Cross-identification Based on Huge Multi-wavelength Catalog Data
GAO Dan, ZHANG Yan-xia, ZHAO Yong-heng
2005, 2(3): 186-193.
Abstract PDF
The Secular Influence of Solar Mass-Loss on the Orbital Elements of Meteor Streams
LI Lin-sen
2005, 2(3): 194-198.
Abstract PDF
Status of the International Network of Gravitational-Wave Detectors
KE Wei-li
2005, 2(3): 199-203.
Abstract PDF
Observational Time Series in Kunming IGS GPS Station
MIAO Yuan-xing
2005, 2(3): 204-207.
Abstract PDF

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