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A Report on the Discussion of the Astronomical Site Selection at the Third East Asian Meeting on Astronomy
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Investigation Report at Kuixiandaban
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Abstract PDF
Some Consideration of the Solar Site Survey at Yunnan Province
Zhang Bairong, Wu Mingchan
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Abstract PDF
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Abstract PDF
Observational Comparison of Seeing Measurments with the DIMMs
Qin Xuefen, Qian Tongling, Xu Jun, Liu Zizhong
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Abstract PDF
Seeing Measurement and Evaluation with the DIMM at the Yunnan Observatory
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Abstract PDF
The Influence of Two Kinds of CCD Exposure Time on Seeing Test
Xu Jun, Qian Tongling, Qing Xuefen
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Abstract PDF
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Luan Di, liu Zizhong, Ma Kaiquan, Long Kang, Zhang Zhousheng, Yu Jiaming
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Abstract PDF
The Measurement of the Water Vapor at the Yunnan Observatory
Shang Qiongzheng, Qian Tongling, Li Yulan, Li Jingqian
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Abstract PDF
Determination of the Extinction Coefficient at Gaomeigu
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Abstract PDF
Observation of the Night Sky Brightness at the Gaomeigu Station
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Abstract PDF
The Measurement Method of the Atmospheric Transmission for the Astronomical Site Selection
Zhang Zhousheng, Chen Peisheng
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Abstract PDF
Observation of the Climate Data for the Boundary Layer of the Astronomical Seeing
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Abstract PDF
Development and Primry Observation of the Sound Radar
Hao Xiangliang
1996, 0(S1): 117-118.
Abstract PDF
A Proposal for the Determination of the Atmopheric Turbulence Distribution by Using the Micro-Temperature Sensor
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Abstract PDF
A Proposal for the Further Site Testing at the Gaomeigu Station
Tan Huisong
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Abstract PDF
Primary Statistic Analysis of Astronomical-Climate Data in China
Hao Xiangliang
1996, 0(S1): 125-140.
Abstract PDF

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