A Possible Periodicity in the Radio Light Curves of 3C 120
MAO Li-Sheng
2007, 4(4): 307-312.
Abstract PDF
Energy and Power Spectra of Circinus X-1 in the Crisis
ZHANG Ming-xuan, HAN Wan-qiang, YU Jin-jiang, WU Hai-bin, CAO He-fei
2007, 4(4): 313-319.
Abstract PDF
The Review of Space Debris Detection by the Ground Based Radar
YANG Peng-cui, SHI Hu-li, LI Sheng-ming
2007, 4(4): 320-326.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of Artificial Spacecraft Detecting Rate via Satellite-based Observations
JIANG Hu, YIN Zen-shan, WANG Xiao-ya, YU Jin-pei, LIANG Xu-wen
2007, 4(4): 327-329.
Abstract PDF
The Conception Definition and Realization of TT
LIN Yu-ting, HAN Chun-hao, WANG Xiao-fang
2007, 4(4): 330-336.
Abstract PDF
An Analytical Method of Orbit Determination
PENG Hui-quan, MIAO Yuan-xing
2007, 4(4): 337-342.
Abstract PDF
Design and Implementation of SAN-based Data Storage Structure for CLEP
ZHANG Zhou-bin, ZUO Wei, LI Chun-lai
2007, 4(4): 343-348.
Abstract PDF
Design of Antenna Digital Surveillance System on Windows
YU Yun, A li-yu, QIAN Lian-feng, ZHAO Rong-bing
2007, 4(4): 349-354.
Abstract PDF
The Design and Implement of VO-DAS Registry
LU Yong, LIU Chao, CUI Chen-zhou, ZHAO Yong-heng
2007, 4(4): 355-359.
Abstract PDF
The Design of Multi-passband Control System for Telescope Based on USB Protocol
XIAO Jiang, HU Ke-liang, DENG Yuan-yong, LUO Li
2007, 4(4): 360-368.
Abstract PDF
Design of Digital Controller for a CCD Camera with Dual-Speed Tracking Imaging on Same Frame
WANG Hui-juan, LI Bin-hua, LI Yong-ming, HE Chun
2007, 4(4): 369-375.
Abstract PDF
Design of Analog Circuit and System for a CCD Camera with Dual-Speed Tracking Imaging on Same Frame
LI Yong-ming, LI Bin-hua, WANG Hui-juan, LU Cheng
2007, 4(4): 376-382.
Abstract PDF
A Study of Using the New Lightweight Mirror Structure in a Tilting Mirror of the Space Solar Telescope (STT)
MA Ji, HU Qi-qian
2007, 4(4): 383-388.
Abstract PDF
Error analysis of Fabry-Perot Filter
CHANG Liang, LIU Zhong
2007, 4(4): 389-394.
Abstract PDF
Supplement of the Method for the Pickering Seeing Scale Judgment
MA lin, LIU zhong, LUN bao-li, JIN zhen-yu
2007, 4(4): 395-399.
Abstract PDF
Monitoring System for the Spectroscope Slit of 2.4m Telescope
HE Shou-sheng, LUN Bao-li, CHANG Liang, XU Jun
2007, 4(4): 400-405.
Abstract PDF
Distribution Characteristics of Global Significant Earthquakes and Possible Connection Between Earthquakes and Earth's Variable Rotation Rate
MA Li-hua, HAN Yan-ben, YIN Zhi-qiang
2007, 4(4): 406-411.
Abstract PDF
Digging up "Taosi Observatory" and the Confirmation from the Ancient References
LI Wei-bao, CHEN Jiu-jin
2007, 4(4): 412-415.
Abstract PDF

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